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Aquarius Rising—Aquarius Ascendant

Aquarius Rising astrological model

Aquarius rising symbolizes that your desire to express yourself in a truly individualistic and original way can manifest through inspired contributions to society, or by being headstrong and contrary just for the sake of being different. You have a good and intuitive mind (check against Mercury's sign), but can be detached from your feelings (check against Moon's house).

Aquarius is ruled by two very different energies: Saturn and Uranus. If Saturn is stronger by sign, house, or aspects, then the saturnine reserve, caution and coldness will be accentuated. If Uranus is stronger, however, its flowingness and freedom will be accentuated, and things of the spirit will take precedence over things of the material world. (Either planet angular will probably determine preponderance). Your circulation needs attention, and can be impeded if Saturn is afflicted. Too much will and rigidity in the psyche, if not released or softened, could manifest as arthritis in later years.

Very much a social animal, you communicate yourself best in a group or working toward some worthwhile goal. You come across as impartial, tolerant and open, and your idealism is apparent to all who know you. The house your Uranus is in shows experiences necessary in developing self-awareness and your expression as an individual. Uranus' sign and aspects will indicate your ease or difficulty in doing this.

Notice the great degree of individuation and eccentricity that the following celebrities with Aquarius rising have. Each of them is definitely his or her own person. Famous people with Aquarius Rising (an Aquarius ascendant) are/were Cannonball Adderley, Christina Aguilera, Alan Arkin, Roseanne Barr, Orlando Bloom, Victor Borge, David Bowie, Charles Boyer, William Burroughs, Truman Capote, George M. Cohan, Willem Dafoe, Matt Damon, John Dean, Degas, Matt Dillon, Kirk Douglas, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Roberta Flack, Bob Fosse, Michael J. Fox, Whoopi Goldberg, Germaine Greer, Gene Hackman, Audrey Hepburn, Jimmy Hoffa, Billie Holiday, Harry Houdini, Janis Joplin, Ken Kesey, Evel Knievel, Frank Langella, Jay Leno, Rush Limbaugh, Abraham Lincoln, Karl Marx, Eugene McCarthy, Harvey Milk, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Piet Mondrian, Jim Morrison, Bill Moyers, Ralph Nader, Kim Novak, Leontyne Price, Renoir, Robespierre, Roy Rogers, Henri Rousseau, William Shatner, Martin Sheen, Shostakovich, Beverly Sills, Stephen Sondheim, Henry Winkler and Tammy Wynette.

This Aquarius Rising-Aquarius Ascendant page and much of this 600-page website are taken from the personalized, fine art book You and the Universe.


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