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Cancer: cardinal Water ruled by the Moon







quadruplicity element planetary ruler keyword
Cardinal Water Moon "I feel"




The Sun in Cancer



Cancer is Cardinal Water, and its keyword is "I feel". Symbolized by the Crab, it rules the breast, stomach and solar plexus. This is the mothering and nurturing Sign of the Zodiac, depicted by the crab that carries its house upon its back and retreats into it when threatened. Cancer is the Sign of the home, the womb, the interior of all things and the most subconscious Sign of all. Like the crab, you sidestep issues, and things are rarely clear or direct. Your energy flow tends to be slow and lethargic, and you're often physically lazy. Your dislike of exercise, however, can lead to poor circulation later in life. Extremely emotional and moody, you have a great attachment to your home and the past, and your hold on your loved ones is tenacious as well. In fact, you live so much in your moods and emotions that you may not realize how self-centered this can be. And you probably find it difficult to separate your feelings from your thoughts. It's best not to reason with you when you're upset, but to wait until you've calmed down for you to digest words. You can be a psychic sponge, absorbing the emotional atmosphere around you. That's why happy people can make you feel good, and depressed people have the opposite effect.

Famous people with Sun in Cancer are Dan Akroyd, Louis Armstrong, Milton Berle, David Brinkley, Yul Brunner, Pearl Buck, Gary Busey, George W. Bush, James Cagney, Chagall, Calvin Coolidge, Bill Cosby, John Cusak, Degas, Harrison Ford, Stephen Foster, Buckminster Fuller, Merv Griffin, Tom Hanks, Ernest Hemingway, Hermann Hesse, Lena Horne, Kris Kristofferson, Dalai Lama, Ann Landers, Charles Laughton, Art Linkletter, George Orwell, Rembrandt, Geraldo Rivera, Rockefeller, Rubens, O. J. Simpson, Red Skelton, Barbara Stanwyck, Ringo Starr, Meryl Streep, Donald Sutherland, Henry David Thoreau, and Robin Williams.

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Cancer by Johfra Bosschart

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