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Capricorn, by Johfra Bosschart

Capricorn by Johfra, pg. 168 in your personalized book You and the Universe



         The tenth sign painting of Johfra’s Zodiac Services, Capricorn, is very different from its predecessor Sagittarius. This comes from the opposite nature of their ruling planets: Jupiter ruling Sagittarius and Saturn ruling Capricorn. Jupiter is the planet of freedom, expansion, religion, philosophy, travel and abundance. Saturn, on other hand, is the planet of limitation, fear, contraction, time, structure, karma, law, old age, tests, discipline, responsibility, ambition and Satan. Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign; and its keyword is “I use.” It rules the skin, bones and knees in the human body. Humility is an important test for Capricorn, and in order to be humble the knees must bend.

         In the center of Johfra’s painting we see the mountain goat at the top of the mountain. This where Capricorn wants to be, and the mountain is its social and professional world. Capricorn is the most ambitious of all the signs with a strong drive for success and social power, but it has to be concerned with stepping on others in its climb to the top. Hard workers, disciplined, persistent, materialistic, expedient and patient, they can be colder to those closer to them than to mere acquaintances. Mother, home, tradition and the past are important to this sign, and the Capricorn male is often tied to his mother even after marriage. On the top face of the mountain just underneath the goat is the symbol for Capricorn's ruling planet Saturn, the cross of matter holding down the crescent of personality.

         In the lower right of Johfra’s painting we see a human male with outstretched arms aspiring to the success symbolized by the mountain goat’s position. In doing so he is seemingly oblivious to his stepping on a snake, perhaps indicating that his ambition knows no bounds and that he is willing to make any sacrifice to get to the top. In the center of the poster we see father time holding an hourglass. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is time and karma; the old man is one of his many faces. In the lower left a mean-faced infant is stepping on a small crocodile while manhandling two small serpents as other infants climb down to join him. Capricorn has no boundaries to age and discipline in its desire to rule and to be at the top.


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