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Libra, by Johfra Bosschart

Libra by Johfra, pg. 120 in your personalized book You and the Universe



         With Libra we arrive at the first of the social signs: Libra, the sign of balance. This painting is dominated by the ancient Egyptian Weighing of the Heart Ceremony which held a relatively minor position in the previous sign painting of Virgo. Here again ibis-headed Thoth on the left weighs the feather Maat representing the principle of truth and justice against the heart of the deceased (in a small urn) on the right. This was all presented in the afterlife before Osiris, chief god of the dead, presiding over a tribunal of 43 other deities. If the heart exactly balanced the feather, then the deceased’s soul could start his long journey to the Fields of Hetep and Iaru, the heavenly paradise ruled over by Osiris where he could live forever in pleasure. However if the heart, weighed down by wrongdoing, were heavier than the feather, then it was eaten by the crocodile-lion-hippopotamus beast Ammit, “the gobbler” waiting by the scales to devour it, and that soul would completely cease to exist.

         On the right of the scales stands the Egyptian Venus: Hathor the cow goddess showing her bovine ears and horns surrounding a sun disk. Hathor’s cults predate the historic period (they existed before any form of written record), but in Egypt she was a goddess of love, joy, beauty, sexuality, motherhood, the arts, and alternately mother, wife and daughter of Ra and mother or consort of Horus. That love is indeed what balances all is not only symbolized by the Egyptian Weighing of the Heart Ceremony, but is further symbolized by a rose at the fulcrum of the balance and at the base of the whole edifice rising out of sign Libra. This lowest rose in turn supports a Tao of swirling clouds, perfectly symbolizing the union of opposites.

         At the base of the painting male and female sphinxes affirmatively touch the Libra block. Although Greek sphinxes were treacherous and malevolent, these Egyptian sphinxes were benevolent but possessed of ferocious strength and associated with the guarding of temples. The Sun and the Moon complete the astrological Tao at the top of the painting.  Thus Johfra presents the ancient Egyptian balance of life and death through the sign of Libra.


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