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Scorpio, by Johfra Bosschart

Scorpio by Johfra, pg. 203 in your personalized book You and the Universe



         Scorpio has three symbols representative of the tests all Scorpio’s must undergo. The lowest is the eponymous Scorpion itself, dominating the scene and preferring to sting itself to death rather than forego the pleasure of stinging. Higher is the eagle flying close to the Sun, majestically mounting the sky in this eighth painting of Johfra’s Zodiac Series. And the third symbol is the Phoenix bird, able to undergo total transformation and be reborn out of the ashes of its funeral pyre.

         Scorpio rules sex, death, catharsis, rebirth, transformation, personal growth, evolution and the generative system in the body; but it needs to learn equality, stability and cooperation in relationships. Scorpio’s keyword is “I create.” As the fixed water sign it is represented by stagnant marsh waters that need to be cleansed. In this poster Scorpio’s sign is displayed on a 12-sided regular polyhedron, the dodecahedron; lying in stagnant water and lovingly tended to by the huge scorpion. Perhaps Johfra choose the dodecahedron here because the zodiac has 12 sides as well.

         Scorpio’s planetary ruler is Pluto symbolizing mastery of the emotions thorough the use of the will. In the background we see two very different figures involved in this very process. On the left St. George is slaying the venomous dragon that was poisoning the countryside (or lake, depending on the version of the story you ascribe to). St. George had to master his fear in order to overcome its poisoning his will; and in so doing was able to master that aspect of himself manifest as a dragon in the outer world. On the right is a more nearly perfect symbol of Scorpio. An ascetic yogi is depicted mastering the wants of his body and emotional needs in order to achieve higher union with all that is by raising his kundalini energy through his chakras and thereby undergoing profound transformation.

         In the left foreground an infant is playing with a skull representing the two ends of human life and the possibility of rebirth after death, if not literal, than figurative through personal growth and transformation. And in the right foreground is probably the holy chalice, the vessel Jesus used at the last supper to serve wine to his disciples. Having actually achieved the capacity to be reborn, Jesus is perhaps the ultimate Scorpionic figure. Thus Johfra presents us with the many aspects and symbols of Scorpio.


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