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Jupiter conjunct Pluto




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You have an intense need to develop your intuition of the natural laws behind the reality in which we live. One way this can be done is by allowing yourself to be absorbed into the universal energy of which you are a part, and in the stillness of that absorption, tuning yourself to and listening to it. Meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, emotional surrender, fasting, and some emotionally or physically based psychotherapies are techniques for achieving this end. The emotional power behind a belief system developed in such an intense and personal manner makes it difficult, and in some cases impossible, for you to really consider beliefs other than your own.

This aspect can therefore symbolize leaders or followers of religious groups who strongly and rigidly advocate that they are right and all others wrong. Rather than teach others the truth, you may wish to indoctrinate them. It's important to realize that people’s belief systems reflect his or her personal needs and desires, as well as their karmic and evolutionary development. What is right or appropriate for one is not for another. You have the capacity to transform or rejuvenate existing beliefs and the potential for understanding deep and profound truths. Your path could carry you into magic, reincarnation, psychic experiences, psychology, religious cults or the occult.

Leonard Bernstein, Cate Blanchett, Nat King Cole, Sean Connery (orb 7°), Geena Davis, James Dean (orb 7°), Robert De NIro, Mohandes Gandhi, Bill Gates, Mel Gibson, Andre Gide, Whoopi Goldberg, Martha Graham, Tom Hanks, and Mick Jagger, Jim Jones, Suga Ray Leonard, Bill Maher, Willie Mays, Baba Ram Dass (orb 6°), Joe Montana, Andreas Papandreou, Edgar Allen Poe, Jackie Robinson, Maria Shriver, Will Smith, Robert Stack, Leopold Stokowski, and Montel Williams all have or had a strong (orb <4°) Jupiter conjunct Pluto, except for the three otherwise indicated.

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