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Jupiter in Libra




With your Jupiter in Libra you tend to expand your understanding of life through the social realm, traveling or even studying with at least one other. You love to share your wisdom and understanding with others as well. You're idealistic, refined, friendly, and a lover of beauty and art. An unafflicted Jupiter in Libra indicates benefits through partnerships, marriage and business. If afflicted here, however, you may have legal and partnership problems. You'd do well in art, law, diplomacy, negotiation and mediation.

Celebrities with Jupiter in Libra (and also in the first house for extra accentuation) are/were Hank Aaron, Hans Arp, Jean-Louis Barrault, Bill Bixby, Willie Brown, Richard Chamberlain, Sir Winston Churchill, Van Cliburn, Bill Clinton, Jacques Cousteau, Doris Day, Harlan Ellison, Franz Joseph Haydn, Shirley MacLaine, Donny Osmond, and Karen Silkwood.

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