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Jupiter in astrology




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Jupiter king of the gods is the largest planet in the solar system, and its astrological symbolism bears this out. Jupiter is the principle of expansion: expanding the mind to superconscious realms and philosophy, expanding our physical horizons through long journeys, and expanding the physical body through putting on weight (or simply being large). It is also a kind of cosmic Santa Claus: generous and optimistic; but in hard aspect (see glossary) to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars, one can be extravagant, excessive, fond of display, opinionated, fanatical and boastful. Jupiter is the promoter par excellence: the teacher, con man, priest or used car salesman, the gambler or the crusader. It represents the higher mind, lifting up our eyes (the arrow of the Sagittarian centaur) with visions of truth, idealism, understanding, wisdom, and aspiration.

Jupiterís symbol is the crescent of personality raised above or uplifted by the cross of matter. It represents manís (the crescentís) triumph over earthly experiences (the cross) through his understanding of universal law gained through just those experiences. Saturn is those experiences and the testing through which this wisdom was obtained, and hence their symbols are each otherís turned upside-down. Thus the wisdom and understanding of Jupiter is the way through the tests of Saturn.

In the body Jupiter rules the thighs, liver, hips, pituitary gland, and assimilation on all levels. Its position by house shows what activities shaped your social principles and ethics. Just as the liver produces bile to help you digest food, so too does your ethical, religious and social training produce the principles and values that help you digest lifeís experiences.

Jupiter has a lower and a higher manifestation, for it rules the half-man, half beast Sagittarian centaur, and there is an internal struggle in Sagittarians as to who or what will triumph. If well-placed by sign (Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces, then possibly Aquarius, Scorpio or Libra) or house (ninth, twelfth, fourth, eighth, tenth, first, then possibly second or third) or well-aspected, it can signify subtle understanding of lifeís deeper principles, learning through travel or higher education, general good fortune or luck, and material abundance. If poorly placed or afflicted it symbolizes indiscriminate sensuality, self-indulgence, wastefulness, greed, avarice, dilettantes, and wanderers. More often than not it is a mixture of both, and this is Sagittarius' struggle. Jupiter rules Sagittarius where it embodies all the planetís positive aspects, co-rules Pisces with Neptune, and is exalted (best placed) in Cancer where it expands the nurturing, mothering principle.

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