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Leo: Fixed Fire ruled by the Sun



Leo astrology sign





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Fixed Fire Sun "I will"




The Sun in Leo


Leo is Fixed Fire, its keyword is "I will". Symbolized by the Lion, it rules the heart and the spine. You're confident, courageous, vital, self-assured, honest, dependable and dignified when evolved; but can be arrogant, egotistical and bombastic when just coming out of your ego. Leo is the second power/serpent sign of the zodiac, and is the most vital of all. Therefore an important test for you is self-control, or dominion over your own tremendous energy, rather than trying to control others. You have trouble delegating authority, actually giving it away to others rather than trying to do it all yourself. You also need to learn detachment where your affections and the bestowal of your creative energy is concerned. Like your ruling planet the Sun, it's important that you shine on everyone. Your faith and loyalty to loved ones is very strong, as is your need to be appreciated.

Famous people with Sun in Leo are Loni Anderson, James Baldwin, Lucille Ball, Napoleon Bonaparte, Fidel Castro, Wilt Chamberlain, Julia Child, Bill Clinton, Amelia Earhart, Eddie Fisher, Peggie Fleming, Henry Ford, George Hamilton, Alfred Hitchcock, Dustin Hoffman, Hulk Hogan, John Huston, Mick Jagger, Peter Jennings, Carl Jung, Jacqueline Kennedy, Stanley Kubrick, Madonna, Robert Mitchum, Benito Mussolini, Peter O’Toole, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Bernard Shaw, Martin Sheen, Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze, Andy Warhol, Mae West, and Shelly Winters.

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