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Leo Rising-Leo ascendant

Leo rising or Leo ascendant astrology model

With Leo rising you have self-confidence, vitality, courage, self-respect, pride and dignity. You're impulsive, love to take risks, and faithful to those you love. You need to temper your strong self will with responsibility and discipline. With the power you have, having your own way just because you want it and can have it is reckless without first self-mastery and self-discipline. You love fine clothes and beautiful surroundings, and have a strong need to be appreciated. "Life's a stage, and we but actors" could be your motto as you offer the drama of your own life to others.

You have great creative potential and are very free with your emotions, which nevertheless tend to stay under your control. You are quick to anger, but let it go once you roar around a bit. If your dignity or pride has been offended, however, you don't forget. A natural with children, you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve. You have a great need for love, and if that is frustrated may feel like life is not worth living. You're an incurably romantic: an idealist and dreamer of dreams with the power to make them come true. The house your Sun is in shows experiences necessary in developing your self-awareness and your expression as an individual. The Sun's sign and aspects indicate your ease or difficulty in doing so.

Famous people with Leo rising are/were Eddie Albert, Muhammad Ali, Herb Alpert, Anastasia, Maya Angelou, Barbara Bach, Balzac, Ingrid Bergman, Milton Berle, Anita Bryant, Yul Brynner, Pat Buchanan, George W. Bush, George Carlin, Pablo Casals, Prince Charles, Maurice Chevalier, Glenn Close, Judy Collins, Alesiter Crowley, Claude Debussey, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Hugh Downs, Britt Ekland, Morgan Fairchild, Bobby Fischer, Peter Gabriel, Ava Gardner, Paul Gaughin, Arlo Guthrie, Rutger Hauer, Eric Idle, Jeremy Irons, Waylon Jennings, Lyndon B. Johnson, Ashley Judd, Naomi Judd, Frida Kahlo, Carol Kane, Andy Kaufman, Garrison Keillor, Stan Kenton, John Claude Killy, Jessica Lange, Carl Lewis, Martin Luther, Edouard Manet, Steve Martin, Chico Marx, Henri Matisse, Joan Miro, Marilyn Monroe, Yves Montand, Michael Moore, Roger Moore, Alexander Neill, Willie Nelson, Jack Nicholson, Brigitte Nielsen, Al Pacino, Michael Palin, Matthew Perry, Petrarch, Pablo Picasso, Vanessa Redgrave, Norman Schwarzkopf, Eric Sevareid, Tony Shalhoub, O. J. Simpson, Nancy Sinatra, Tom Smothers, Mark Spitz, Sting, Meryl Streep, Robert Taylor, Donald Trump, Tanya Tucker, Tina Turner, Mamie Van Doren, Andy Warhol, Flip Wilson, James Woods and Paramahansa Yogananda.

This Leo Rising-Leo Ascendant page and much of this 600-page website are excerpted from the personalized Fine Art Book You and the Universe.


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