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Libra Rising-Libra ascendant

Libra Rising or Libra Ascendant astrology model

Libra rising symbolizes that you can truly be "The iron fist in the velvet glove." Learn to let go of an often strong and concealed self-interest, and to cooperate rather than to compete with others. You're artistic, creative, have a good color sense, and know how to bring harmony and beauty into your surroundings. You're very socially oriented, have a great many personal contacts, and tend to see yourself through the eyes and reactions of others. You have a natural ability to reflect and mirror others as well. You're a good arguer, lawyer, diplomat, and natural matchmaker. If your Mars is not strong, being all things to all people and responding in a way to please and flatter can lead others to wonder if you have a viewpoint of your own. Libra Rising is known for the most perfectly formed physical bodies. The house your Venus is in shows experiences necessary in developing self-awareness and your expression as an individual. Venus' sign and aspects will indicate your ease or difficulty in doing this.

Famous people with Libra rising are/were Jennifer Aniston, Arthur Ashe, Robert Blake, Jon Bon Jovi, Sonny Bono, Ellen Burstyn, Joseph Campbell, Jimmy Carter, Richard Chamberlain, Chevy Chase, Van Cliburn, Bill Clinton, Claudette Colbert, Phil Collins, Jimmy Connors, Alice Cooper, Jacques Cousteau, Noel Coward, Geena Davis, Charles de Gaulle, Neil Diamond,, Leonardo DiCaprio, T. S. Elliot, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Sally Field, Joan Fontaine, Harrison Ford, Redd Foxx, Mohandas Gandhi, Jery Garcia, James Garner, Arthur Godfrey, Ruth Gordon, Cary Grant, Andy Griffith, George Harrison, Richie Havens, Adolf Hitler, William Holden, Rock Hudson, John F. Kennedy, Deborah Kerr, Carole King, Ed Koch, Monjca Lewinski, Guy Madison, Bill Maher, Harpo Marx, John McEnroe, Burgess Meredith, Joe Montana, Dudley Moore, Bob Newhart, Louis Pasteur, Suzanne Pleshette, Sidney Poitier, Sergei Prokofiev, Tony Randall, Nancy Reagan, Judge Reinhold, Debbie Reynolds, The Rock, Carl Sandburg, Albert Schweitzer, Omar Sharif, Frank Sinatra, Britney Spears, Terence Stamp, Sally Struthers, Harry S. Truman, Rudolph Valentino, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Barbara Walters, Denzel Washington, Esther Williams, Debra Winger, Stevie Wonder and Natalie Wood.

This Libra Rising-Libra Ascendant page and much of this 600-page website are excerpted from the personalized Fine Art Book You and the Universe.


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