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Pluto conjunct Mars




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Mars is the football player and Pluto is the shaman or great wizard, and in you these two symbols are joined. Your tremendous sexual/emotional energy needs to be consciously directed and channeled toward meaningful goals. It would help to align your personal will and desires with a higher will or more universal purpose. Without such a commitment, you can wander from one experience or the fulfillment of one desire to the next, dissipating your energy and losing your sense of self. This aspect signifies a potential for great evolutionary development, growth and creativity through the transmutation of your lower nature into your higher. You have a natural capacity as a healer and, if you so choose, for the martial arts and Kundalini yoga.

You may resent or want to change external restrictions or limitations in yourself or your personal reality. You may wish to control or manipulate others, be controlled or manipulated by them, or experience obsessive or hypnotic sexual attractions. You may have had a very difficult and painful experience in this or a previous life, such as rape, incest or violence. If so, one purpose of this trauma is to externalize and objectify aspects of your own desire nature that need to be examined and dealt with.

In general, you have the capacity for total self-transformation or self-destruction, and may alternate between these poles. You have a relentless drive to get at the heart of things, whatever is under the surface or behind the scenes. This pursuit of the hidden or the secret makes you a good researcher or investigator. Vulnerable issues and sensitive areas of the psyche are the first places that you head, and can amount to an obsession with you. Others may find you too intense to be around, for you can put them through a lot of changes.

Famous people with a strong (orb <3) Pluto conjunct Mars are/were Josephine Baker, Charles Baudelaire, Ralph Bellamy, Candice Bergen, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Jeff Buckley, James Cagney, Marcia Clark, Patsy Cline, Emily Dickinson, Donovan, Richard Dreyfuss, Zelda Fitzgerald, Richard Harris, Sir Edmund Hillary, Kevin Kline, Paul McCartney, Jesse Owens, Janet Reno, Norman Schwarzkopf, Kevin Spacey, Ringo Starr, Rudolf Steiner, Brian Wilson, Natalie Wood and Emile Zola.

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