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Moon conjunct Pluto




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The Moon conjunct Pluto symbolizes a joining of the most vulnerable parts of your psyche (the Moon) with the principle of evolution, sex, death and regeneration (Pluto). Some aspects of your habits, emotions, and/or your relationship to your mother, home, family and/or women must transform and evolve, or otherwise be annihilated and die. This is Pluto's way.

You are under strong evolutionary pressure to become emotionally self-reliant by removing external emotional dependencies. Your need for emotional self-sufficiency could be negatively fueled if your mother and/or the women you drew to you were dominating, controlling individuals who demanded that you conform to a rigid standard of behavior. Then when you refused or failed to meet their expectations you were either emotionally or physically assaulted, or else treated with disapproval, silence, or their withholding of feelings.

You may have strong, unresolved needs or problems that you expect others to meet and solve. When this help is not forthcoming, you may act out as you yourself were treated: by rage or withdrawal. Alternately, the women in your life may support your self-sufficiency and help you to understand the convolutions of your emotionality. In general, relationships with women for both genders are profound, intense, and a source of change and personal growth.

From time to time you must withdraw and shut down emotionally to replenish your batteries and to allow your conscious ego to be "re-seeded" by the source of your being. It is important that you become sensitive and responsive to your personal cycle and your needs for alternating withdrawal and activity.

This aspect usually symbolizes a deeply sexual and emotional being with intense emotional and sexual needs, so allowing yourself and in fact promoting your self-gratification through masturbation when not in a relationship is healing, stabilizing, and necessary.

Your life is a descent into the shadows of your unconscious childhood patterns, to illuminate them to yourself so that  you can learn to fulfill your own emotional needs. An important part of this path is a commitment to a somatic or emotional psychotherapy such as Core-Energetics, or Reichian, Heller or another evolved form of emotional-body work. As you learn to become emotionally and sexually self-reliant, you will become progressively freer to experience life and relationships in a more secure and non-demanding way. This freedom and lack of agitation, this peace, will attract others to you who were once repelled, and you will be able to implicitly or explicitly guide such beings down the path for which you have so dearly paid.

Celebrities with a strong (orb <4) natal Moon conjunct Pluto are/were Jack Benny, Charles Boyer, Kenneth Branagh, Ralph Bunch, Jose Capablanca (chess champion), Karen Carpenter, Cyd Charisse, Noel Coward, Adele Davis, John Dryden, Amelia Earhart, Mikhail Glinka, John Hancock, Anne Heche, Lleyton Hewitt, Lauren Hutton, Gregory Hines, Le Corbusier, Shelley Long, Mary Tyler Moore, Mozart, Luigi Pirandello, Ross Perot, Edgar Alan Poe, Roman Polanski, Auguste Renoir, Chris Rock, Sri Sai Baba, Ringo Starr, Algernon Swinburn, Boris Yeltsin and Emile Zola.

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