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Neptune conjunct Ascendant



This Neptune-conjunct-ascendant-reading page and the entire website are excerpted from You and the Universe, a handmade, individualized fine art book on astrology, mythology and astronomy through which the recipient's complete astrological reading is woven.

You were born as the planet Neptune rose in the east. You are therefore strongly identified with it, and when it comes to being open and sensitive you're a psychic sponge and chameleon. Depending on whether or not your Neptune is favorably aspected or afflicted (see preceding readings for Neptune) and on how close this conjunction is (see "Strength" in the header), you have psychic and possibly mediumistic talent.

You're so sensitive and impressionable that you have to develop some of Virgo's discrimination so that you can choose to whom and to what you will be open. You have a difficult time seeing yourself clearly, and identify very easily with other people's feelings or ideas, or with experiences in general. You'll probably vacillate between idealistic and deluded views of yourself until you become more conscious or spiritually oriented. Theater, music, dance, art and the ocean attract you, and you may find self-expression in more than one of these. Many with this aspect need to be near the sea, at least periodically.

You have a strong need to pierce through the veil of matter and appearances and to get to the universal essence of everything in a feeling way. Alcohol and drugs are tempting in this regard, and you probably love their expansion and apparent freedom; but only the more demanding and longer road of spiritual discipline will reward you with your true self. Discrimination in this arena of your life is particularly important, for there are more charlatans in the spiritual world than there are in the world of business. You have chosen to surrender your personality and a lot of your ego in this incarnation to serve mankind and the universal force of evolution. You have a powerful imagination, but unless you have a strong Sun or Mars as well you will need to act as well as to dream.

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