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Neptune in 10th house

Neptune in 10th house astrology model

The tenth house represents our ability (or lack thereof) to establish ourselves in and contribute to the outside world: our social image. It rules role models, guides and authority figures that have assisted us in exteriorizing ourselves in the world. Here is our career or profession, the dominant parent who guided us into the world, and our orientation toward society based on his or her example. Here are people in power over us (such as bosses and employers), our honor and reputation, and how we play out these roles in relation to others (our being a father, guide, or disciplinary figure). Planets in the tenth house show by the houses they rule which areas in our life depend on our reputation or professional role for the fulfillment of their needs. Many planets here indicate a need to achieve and be recognized as an important person, a strong father orientation, or to have others dependent on us.

Neptune in your tenth house is a good position for a spiritual or metaphysical career, or one in service, the arts, medicine, institutional or humanitarian work, dance, theater, film or music. Anything having to do with the sea, such as marine biology, oceanography, commercial fishing, or being in the navy or merchant marine are also appropriate professions for Neptune in the tenth house. Your public image and practical skills are strongly imbued with your ideals, imagination, inner vision, or sometimes just illusion. You may not receive credit for what you do, however, as Neptune in the tenth often denies the limelight and professional accolades. You may also be unclear as to career objectives, and fluctuate a lot in your choices. If Neptune is poorly aspected, beware of scandal with regard to your public image. Your father may have been weak or even an alcoholic, especially if there are hard aspects between Neptune and the Sun or Saturn.

Celebrities with Neptune in the tenth house are/were Patch Adams, Ed Asner, Clara Barton, Chuck Berry, Napoleon Bonaparte, James Caan, Glen Campbell, Johnny Carson, Jimmy Carter, Agatha Christie, Dick Clark, Jacques Cousteau, Wally Cox, Aleister Crowley, Jane Curtin, Jamie Lee Curtis, Leonardo da Vinci, Matt Damon, Walt Disney, Clint Eastwood, Jerry Falwell, Liz Greene, Jean Harlow, Franz Joseph Haydn, Ernest Hemingway, Charlton Heston, Edwin Hubble, Anjelica Huston, Stacy Keach, John F. Kennedy, Prince Aly Khan, Kevin Kline, JZ Knight, Gladys Knight, Ed Koch, Bruce Lee, Janet Leigh, Gordon Lightfoot, Silvana Mangano, Dick Martin, Chico Marx, Burgess Meredith, Jack Nicklaus, James Edward Olmos, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Drew Pearson, Pablo Picasso, Pope John Paul II, Tony Randall, Nancy Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, Meg Ryan, Erik Satie, Grace Slick, Harry Dean Stanton, Gloria Steinem, Richard Strauss, Kiefer Sutherland, Richard Wagner, Oprah Winfrey, and Paramahansa Yogananda.

If Neptune is within 10° of the midheaven it is conjunct the tenth house cusp, and much of the previous paragraphs is even more strongly emphasized. If Neptune is in the ninth house AND within 4° or 5° of the midheaven, then it said to be on the "dark side" of the tenth house, and its influence will be felt in the tenth as well as in the ninth house. The closer a ninth house Neptune is to the midheaven, the more it will be interpreted as being in the tenth house; if less than 3° from the midheaven, a ninth house Neptune expresses itself primarily— and ultimately entirely—through the tenth house.

Astronomically speaking, the tenth house is that one-twelfth sector of the local sky counter-clockwise from the Midheaven (see above picture) occupied by planets two hours before they culminate.

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