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Pluto: Egyptian Phoenix Bird and Shadow

             Pluto is your shadow, that which you have not yet brought into the light. It is what you are compelled to forget, what you bury, what you refuse to see or feel. When you deny a part of your psyche to yourself, it becomes the devil to you. And you project it out onto others whom you then hate, despise and fear. But it is really the part of your humanity that you cannot let yourself have, for in order to embrace it, whom you know yourself to be would have to die. Yet this is an experience that you have to have, for otherwise your life is wrapped around it like a man wrapped in terror around his doom. If you do not let yourself have your primal fears—the experiences you have lived through but could not feel, the nightmares that at one time you and you alone in the universe inhabited but could not be present for—then there will be similar experiences in your life that you will not receive or surrender to, that you will be unable to feel, to see, or to live. This is your shadow.

 Black Chancery text  so it is said, a rose bush once bloomed beneath the tree of knowledge. And within that plant’s first rose, a bird was born. A beauteous and miraculous creature, his song and plumage ever delighted Adam and Eve. However, when they were driven from the garden by the cherub’s flaming sword, an errant spark fell upon the bird’s nest and destroyed him. Yet from a single red egg in the nest a new, solitary Phoenix bird arose. The story goes on to say that the Phoenix now lives in Arabia, and that every hundred years he burns to death in his nest, and that each time a new Phoenix, the only one in the world, rises anew from the single red egg.

Black Chancery text and your immolation once a century is both your physical death and the catharses you embrace to help you become larger, to embrace more of your humanity and thus become more human before you die. Pluto teaches us to enter our shadow, to descend into our own hell, to allow who we thought we were to die in order that a larger, truer self may be reborn.

             This Pluto: Egyptian Phoenix Bird and Shadow page and much of this 600-page resource website are taken from You and the Universe, a personalized fine art book on astrology, mythology and astronomy through which the recipient's complete astrological reading is woven.

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