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Pluto conjunct Uranus




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Only highly evolved individuals will personally respond to these highest of vibrations between the outer planets. Such souls are partially identified by their having this conjunction in an angular house (especially the first or tenth), in major aspect to the Sun, Moon or Mercury, and usually the two planets are separated by a few degrees or less. Otherwise you will respond with the masses to this aspect as a general stimulus to humanity's evolution.

If you are such a rare one, you are a powerful and intense individualist, probably of the mind that revolution is the way to the brotherhood of mankind. This conjunction can indicate an unusually high and intense consciousness, great inventiveness, or mechanical genius.

In the world it symbolizes the exploration and release of vast new sources of energy, as well as anarchy and violence. You are brilliant when it comes to insights into the mind, psychology, motivation, or just ferreting out secrets. Your intensity is obvious, and some may prefer to keep their distance rather than subject themselves to your laser eye. Your analytical powers are superb, and you enjoy finding new avenues of inner growth. Along with Neptune in Scorpio (1956-1970), this most powerful aspect characterized the turbulent Sixties, and trumpeted in the Age of Aquarius. Occurring every 115 to 145 years, Uranus was last conjunct Pluto from September 1962 to September 1968 (exactly conjunct on October 10, 1965 at 1711, on April 4, 1966 at 1626, and on June 29, 1966 at 1606). The previous Uranus-Pluto conjunction was from 1849 to 1853.

Famous People with a strong (orb<2) Uranus-Pluto conjunction are/were Halle Berry, Bjork, Sean Flanery, Heidi Fleiss, Calista Flockhart, Samantha Fox, Robson Green, Constantyn Huygens, Brandon Lee, Greg Maddux, Guy de Maupassant, Neal McDonough, Chris Rock, Charlie Sheen, Robert Louis Stevenson, Ben Stiller, Mike Tyson, and many, many football players and professional athletes.

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