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Pluto conjunct Midheaven

You were born as Pluto was at the highest point in your sky that day. The rising and setting points on the horizon and the midheaven and nadir are called the "angles" in astrology; they are the most individual and significant points in the 360 circle of the houses. Thus a planet conjunct or opposed an angle (if it's opposed any angle it's conjunct the opposite angle) is very significant. And when that planet symbolizes personal evolution, growth, sex, power, death, and rebirth it is very significant indeed.

Since the midheaven symbolizes career and social standing, power and personal transformation are major facets of your career. You may be drawn to politics, corporate management, advertising, mass marketing, or other positions in which you represent, manipulate, or hold power over the masses. You may have talent for rejuvenating dead or dying businesses, finding new or hidden areas of growth in existing ones, and for handling other people's money and resources. Occupations that also fall in Pluto's dominion are those of the psychologist, detective, engineer, welder, physicist, miner, chemist, surgeon, geologist, spelunker, undertaker, banker or financier.

Famous people with Pluto conjunct midheaven are/were Tori Amos, Hector Berlioz, Willie Brown, Gerri Carr, Chevy Chase, Claude Debussy, Fabio, Lorne Greene, Jude Law, Thomas Mann, Henri Matisse, Francois Mitterand, Birgit Nilsson, Arnold Palmer, Roman Polanski, Vladimir Putin, Prince, Mary Shelley, Louis Vuitton and Andrew Weil.

When Pluto is conjunct the midheaven it can be in either the ninth or the tenth house. A ninth-house Pluto within 3-4 of the midheaven is on the "dark side" of the tenth house and expresses itself through both the ninth and the tenth houses. When a ninth-house Pluto is less than 3 from the midheaven, it starts to express itself more through the tenth house than through the ninth; when it is less than about 1-1 from the midheaven, a ninth-house Pluto should be interpreted as being essentially in the tenth house. This dark side principle is true of all 10 planets on the dark side of all four angles.

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