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Pluto in Astrology




 Pluto symbol: planet of sex, death and evolution




Pluto is the outermost planet of the solar system, and the end of the process of breaking down the reality structure of normal consciousness begun by Uranus. Pluto supplies the energy for the evolutionary process whereby outmoded or dysfunctional entities are transformed through death and rebirth into new ones higher on the evolutionary path. This outmoded entity is often a part of our ego with which we are identified, and without which we feel we cannot live. If we resist Pluto here instead of surrendering to the necessary ego death and personal transformation, mental illness or even breakdown can occur. Pluto causes the disintegration of psychological blocks obstructing our evolutionary growth. Its energy comes from the core of all things, and is the most intense and potent there is: atomic, nuclear, sexual, kundalini. If we allow the fear of the death of some part of our self to block it’s process, the result can be catastrophic.

In your horoscope Pluto text graphic symbolizes death, rebirth, sex, evolution, degeneration and regeneration, the fabulous and elusive Phoenix bird, and symbolizes the breakdown of psychological blocks that prevent evolutionary growth. It is the higher octave of Mars representing the conscious self-knowledge and self-mastery of the magician and alchemist standing above and informing the brute force and physical prowess of Mars. Pluto rules the sign Scorpio in which initially/exoterically it symbolizes mastery of the emotions through the use of the will, and finally/esoterically it represents transcendence through consciousness of the ego-identified self.  This is the true and liberating death of the self born here to earth.

At some point(s) in your past your parents or society disapproved of and blocked your Mars’ desire energy. Needing to be accepted by those significant adults, you had no choice but to repress this event. Pluto, the higher octave of Mars, shows by it’s house position where these unconscious, repressed energies are trapped, and what kinds of experiences or activities are necessary to release them and bring them to consciousness.

The god of the underworld, Pluto represents what is buried deep inside of you and needs to be brought to the light, or to have light brought to it. Thus miners, spelunkers, geologists, subway workers, psychotherapists, healers, religious leaders and detectives fall under the positive rays of Pluto. On the other side we have organized crime, spies, the socially disaffected, and terrorists. Politicians representative of historical forces or power in general also serve Pluto. Pluto also rules the black race.

Pluto's three esoteric levels of manifestation are the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Dove, representing respectively strength of will, the power of transcendence, and transformation through self-knowledge and redemption.  In the physical body Pluto rules the regenerative faculties of cells and the reproductive organs.

Pluto’s symbol—displayed above and below—is the circle of spirit above the crescent of personality, in turn held aloft and pierced by the cross of matter. This signifies that the spirit concealed within the personality’s shadow can be released to shine, through the evolution and transformation of the personality.

In Jungian psychology and astrology, Pluto text glyph, small is our shadow, that which we have not yet brought into the light. It is what we must forget.

In the Garden of Paradise text


You are that Phoenix bird text



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Pluto text graphic, medium in the Houses

Pluto text graphic, red & black in the Signs

Pluto in 1st house

Pluto glyph: large, black, red border

Pluto in Aries

Pluto in 2nd house

Pluto in Taurus

Pluto in 3rd house

Pluto in Gemini

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Pluto in Pisces

Pluto's aspects:

Pluto conjunct Sun

Pluto conjunct Venus

Pluto opposed Jupiter

Pluto opposed Sun

Pluto opposed Venus

Pluto conjunct Saturn

Pluto trine Sun

Pluto trine Venus

Pluto opposed Saturn

Pluto conjunct Moon

Pluto conjunct Mars

Pluto conjunct Uranus

Pluto opposed Moon

Pluto opposed Mars

Pluto conjunct Asc.

Pluto trine Moon

Pluto square Mars

Pluto opposed Asc.

Pluto conj. Mercury

Pluto trine Mars

Pluto conjunct MC

Pluto oppos. Mercury

Pluto conj. Jupiter

Pluto conjunct nadir

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