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Pluto in 2nd house

Pluto in 2nd house 3D astrology model

The second house describes both inner and outer resources. We draw on emotional and mental inner resources in dealing with the situations with which life presents us. These assets form our sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Our outer resources are our finances and physical possessions: movable property that we own (as opposed to real estate). These assets form our sense of security. Some of us identify with what we own; others with what we are. They both, however, are what we value, and we attract to us what we value. Thus the second house is where we build in true value and our power of attraction. Planets here show how and to what we are attached, and the degree of our possessiveness.

Classically speaking, this house also symbolizes our strongest desires, and the manner in which we meet our obligations. Isabelle Hickey said that this house indicated "that which the life is dedicated to redeem," and is thus related to one’s peace of mind. Geometrically, the second house is that one-twelfth sector of the local sky midway between the eastern horizon and the nadir (see above picture) occupied by planets two to four hours before they rise.

Pluto in your second house indicates that over many lifetimes you are being driven to learn self-sufficiency and to stand on your own two feet. Coupled with your strong physical/sexual nature and needs, this often leads to sexual release by yourself even when in deeply satisfying relationships. If so, this is natural for experiencing grounding and self-reliance on your particular evolutionary path, and is not to be judged. You are learning (or have already learned) to identify your own personal resources, values and needs by withdrawing the focus of your attention into yourself. This has produced a limited vision, however, which the outside world transforms and enlarges through periodic shocks or karmic conditions. These may come in the form of deprivation, loss, or through powerful and transformatory individuals who help you to confront your personal limitations. If you use devious means, manipulation, or compulsive spending to obtain wealth or to gratify your needs, then imprisonment, guilt, and the repossession of goods can result with Pluto in your second House. Your personal values and resources are the arena in which your growth and transformation occurs. And you are progressively learning to unite your values, resources, and even your own body with those of others to transcend personal limitations. A well-aspected Pluto may indicate continually renewing assets or finances. If afflicted, however, that upon which you depend may be yanked suddenly and without warning from beneath your feet.

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