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Pluto in the Seventh House

astrology model: 7th house Pluto

The purpose of the seventh house is to bring about greater self-awareness through relating to what we experience as being outside of ourselves. This may be energy within us that we have rejected out of fear or to experience it more objectively or externally. This is called projection, and we seek projected parts of ourselves in our intimate relationships. With Pluto in the seventh, the house with Scorpio on its cusp shows the areas in your life that need relationships to bring them out.

With Pluto, planet of sex, power  and evolution in your seventh house, your intimate, one-to-one relationships are the arena of your personal growth, transformation, evolution, and aspirations for power. How this manifests in your life depends on how Pluto aspects planets and angles in your chart, and on what house Scorpio rules in your horoscope. Planets in the seventh house generally symbolize projected energy, that is, your own energy that you deny yourself conscious use of. In the case of Pluto, this self-denial causes you to seek out powerful, intense individuals to provide you with what you sense is rightfully yours—that which you know you deserve and want to live out. But because you deny these energies to yourself, being up against someone who has what by right (self denied) is yours can make you angry and jealous of the other and what he or she has.

Your intimate relationships may therefore serve, in part, as a battleground with many power struggles, sudden changes, and endings. Trines and sextiles to Pluto indicate experiences in which you can learn about the use and abuse of power from your partner(s). With such intensity and potential explosiveness, it would be helpful to examine your motives when you enter into a relationship. There's a lot of unconscious energy here, and you may need to learn to compromise and to not dominate your partner so much. On the other hand, you may need to become more aware of your partner trying to dominate or to control you; it can work both ways. These things are not intrinsically bad; they are just the particularly intense flavor with which you become intimate. The issue is to become more aware of who you are, and what unconsciously drives you to do the things you do—the long arcs of your life. Each human being has her or his flavor. It is important to get to know your own.

If Pluto is less than 10° of the descendant (seventh house cusp), the foregoing becomes more emphasized in proportion to Pluto's closeness to the descendant. If Pluto is in the sixth house and within 4° or 5° of the descendant, it is said to be on the "dark side" (see glossary) of the seventh, and its influence will be felt in the seventh as well as in the sixth house. The closer a sixth house Pluto is to the descendant, the more strongly it expresses itself through the seventh house. Around 3° before the descendant a sixth-house Pluto's expression is about equal in both houses, although other factors have to be taken into consideration. And less than 3° from the descendant a sixth house Pluto expresses itself primarily—and, as it moves even closer to the descendant, almost entirely—through the seventh house.

Astronomically speaking, the seventh house is that one-twelfth sector of the local sky just above the western horizon (see above picture) occupied by planets in the two hours just before they set.

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