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Pluto opposed Venus




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Life seems to continually force you to leave behind negative ways of relating and outmoded values. You are prone to jealousy and envy in your relationships, which can be violent and end suddenly and permanently. You may also have power struggles, or be underhanded (or subjected to this) in your dealings with others. You can be very destructive of possessions you own or share. Your sexual energy is very intense. You are passionate, sensual, and touch is very important to you. In fact your touch alone is indicative of how you are feeling about yourself, your partner, or a possible intimate. You have the potential for great healing or for great destructiveness in relationships.

Over many lifetimes you have been driven to completely merge with another individual in order to transcend your individuality and isolation. The intensity of this drive, however, has kept you from learning how to fully supply your own needs, or from relating to yourself outside of a relationship. As a consequence you may feel that you cannot be complete or fulfilled except through someone or something outside of yourself. You are therefore hypnotically drawn to individuals with whom you wish to completely merge, and who you feel are the only answer to some unfulfilled need. There's a compulsiveness and intensity attached to this attraction, since you may not have had the experience of filling certain needs for yourself except through others. You may also be the object of such desire from someone else, and frequently both you and your partner have this karma.

Thus you or your partner's giving of love or fulfilling of needs often comes with a precondition: that of the giver's getting his or her own needs met. If they are not, love or something needed may be withheld. This manipulation creates power struggles and intense confrontations over whose needs are going to be met or not met. Your relationships are often totally annihilated under this pressure.

Another Venus/Pluto theme is the need to totally dominate, possess, control or be controlled by another. You or your partner may have been subjected to or be the source of physical or emotional abuse over many lifetimes. Held in the deep unconscious, such a history makes one naturally suspicious of others, and may give the appearance of being cold, aloof or unable to commit. Again, love or affection can be withheld out of fear of being abused, abandoned, let down, or out of the need to control. Often you are drawn to an intimate from a past lifetime to resolve such previously unresolved issues.

You need to know why you and others feel the way you do, and hence have developed a psychological orientation and an innate sensitivity to other people's inner states. This is intensely magnetic to those who need to be understood and have their needs fulfilled. Generally, such magnetic and intense individuals are dealing with the deeper issues and meanings of life, and attract each other. Such people are themselves not drawn to more superficial or less intense and ordinary individuals.

All of the foregoing issues or karma can be left behind once you learn to relate to yourself outside of a relationship, and to identify and to meet your needs yourself. Once you stop looking outside yourself for meaning in your life, you'll be free to choose someone for their own sake, who will then also reflect one of your higher evolutionary purposes. In extreme cases, the death of a loved one or someone close may be necessary to bring this lesson home. But however it is learned, once transformed, you become free to support and transform others.

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