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You undergo emotional catharses spontaneously and easily, and the process of metamorphosis and growth is natural and beneficial for you. Coupled with your natural understanding of the human unconscious and psyche, you would make a good therapist or counselor, perhaps after some therapy yourself. Strong evolutionary forces are acting on you to bring about emotional self-reliance by eliminating external emotional dependencies. You may have strong, unresolved needs or problems that you want others to meet and solve. The women in your life tend to support your self-sufficiency, and to help you understand the convolutions of your emotionality.

Your relationships with women are profound, intense, and a source of change and personal growth. You can dominate your environment through the very intensity of the energy you broadcast, whether in action or in silence. You may need to periodically withdraw and shut down emotionally, however, to replenish your batteries, and to allow your conscious ego to be "re-seeded" by the source of your being. Become sensitive and responsive to your personal cycle and needs for alternating withdrawal and activity.

You are learning to change your instinctive emotional habits and reactions, and this can happen fluidly without much personal resistance. It is important that you shed light on the hidden workings of your emotional nature. One way is by learning to fill your emotional needs yourself, giving you the space to breathe and to feel yourself more tenderly and fully. This could be through sex with a partner or by yourself, as sex is a deep and healing release for you. Another is by a sustained commitment to some intense therapy or counseling. This should be a relatively easy and unimpeded task for you, as you have a strong natural talent and drive to become more aware and to grow in consciousness. Once you accomplish this, the wisdom you gain will be a beacon to others, lighting their darkness as it did your own.

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