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Sun trine Moon

Any aspect between the Sun and the Moon (known as the "lights") is significant, and a major harmonious aspect like the trine is indeed so. The trine between the Sun and the Moon symbolizes a harmony between your true self (the Sun) and your personality (the Moon), reflected in being born of parents (Sun is father, Moon is mother) also in harmony with each other. This is one of the most important aspects in your chart. Success, good health, independence, stability and self-reliance are indicated: a relatively smooth life without major difficulties if other aspects concur. Life usually provides you with what you need when you need it. This ease can be a contributing factor to laziness, however, if there are a lack of compensating challenges in your chart; but a strong Mars or Saturn, or squares or oppositions will help to get you on your feet. Other people are supportive of you and your goals, whereas you in turn are helpful to them. You could even have a special gift for spanning the generation gap, bringing older (the Sun) and younger (the Moon) spirits together.

Notice the orb of this aspect and the house positions of the lights to measure the strength of this relationship. An orb of less than 1 is extremely strong and may dominate your chart. An orb of 1-3 is very strong and will definitely hold true. An orb of 3-5 is strong, and 5-8 is moderate to weak, insofar as the lights can have a weak trine between them. Either planet angular (especially the Sun in the first or tenth) is additionally significant, all the more so if either one is conjunct an angle.

Although not recognized by a named lunar phase, astronomically the Sun and the Moon have two trines per month: one in the waxing lunar phase just before 10 days after new moon, and the other in the waning lunar phase just after 10 days before new moon; in both cases the entire aspect lasts about 32 hours.

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