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The T-square Planetary Pattern

T-square horoscope of Chad Mitchell

A mutable T-square: Chad Mitchell



The T-square Planetary Pattern (see page 312 in You and the Universe) consists of three or more planets at three of the four vertices of an imaginary square; i.e., an opposition with another planet squaring both ends of that opposition. Like the grand cross, it is an example of a fourth harmonic syndrome. Along with the Hourglass, the T-square is the most common of all planetary patterns. The T-square is often found embedded in larger planetary patterns like the Bowl, Bucket or Hourglass, but sometimes these larger patterns are either absent or so far from ideal that the T-square scaffolding underneath becomes the most relevant pattern for interpretation.

Since the characteristics of a square are “obstacles and challenge creating dynamic inner tension leading to conflict and change,” the T-square is characterized by many obstacles and the need to overcome them, usually accompanied by great energy and a drive to do so. Although the difficulties presented by a T-square are demanding, the dynamism it sparks is sufficient to the task. Mature marshalling of one’s resources can bring about great accomplishments, and many famous people have used their T-square as an impetus to success.

In a T-square, the tension and awareness created by the two planets in opposition is resolved either by the planet receiving the double square, by the empty point opposite that planet, or, if there is one, by the planet most closely trining or sextiling any planet in the T-square. This third planet becomes a focal point of much importance in your chart. The T-square symbolizes a lot of difficulty in one's life, but it also sparks action and the drive necessary to achieve resolution. Living with the demands of a T-square can be very challenging, but when the energy of this configuration is well directed by a mature individual, it often leads to significant accomplishments. Whereas the T-square is a dynamic influence, the Grand Cross tends to diffusion.

Most T-squares emphasize the quadruplicity of their quadrature; that is, the two opposed planets mutually squared by a third (more with conjunctions) are usually all in cardinal, fixed, or mutable signs. Which particular quadruplicity they fall in suggests a way of dealing with the problems they represent by the very nature of that quadruplicity.

Mutable T-squares:

A mutable T-square can be approached by correct thought, or by restructuring or approaching anew how you conceptualize the issues in question. Karmic astrologers say mutable afflictions represent problems just beginning to appear in this lifetime, and are therefore the easiest to resolve. Famous people with T-squares in mutable signs are/were Julie Andrews, Mary Astor, Harry Belafonte, Carol Burnett, Bobby Darin, Baba Ram Dass, Tammy Grimes, Martin Luther King Jr., Yoko Ono, Arnold Palmer, Tony Randall, Mort Sahl, Allan Sandage, Barbara Streisand, James Taylor and Shirley Temple.

Cardinal T-squares:

A cardinal T-square can be approached by correct action; this is appropriate to many obstacles, because the squares and oppositions in all T-squares are dynamic and inherently promote action for their resolution. Karmic astrologers claim that these represent problems that are unlearned lessons of the previous lifetime; not having become ingrained patterns, they are relatively easy to resolve. Celebrities with cardinal T-squares are/were Woody Allen, Maya Angelou, Alan Arkin, Anne Bancroft, Candice Bergen, Ray Charles, Cher, Sean Connery, Baba Ram Dass, James Earl Jones, Naomi Judd, Brenda Lee, David Lynch, Gisele Mackenzie, Shirley MacLaine, Willie Mays, Liza Minelli, Ralph Nader, Stevie Nicks, Hugh O’Brien, Odetta, Dolly Parton, Harold Pinter, Elvis Presley, Marcel Proust, Paul Simon, Nina Simone, Robert Wagner, Andy Warhol and Tom Wolfe.

Fixed T-squares:

A fixed T-square can be approached by humbling the will. Of the three quadruplicities, difficult aspects in the fixed signs are the hardest to overcome. Karmic astrologers claim that these represent misuse of self-will: lessons one has failed to learn over many lifetimes that have become deeply ingrained patterns of behavior. Only through self-discipline and a great deal of attention can their energy be constructively channeled. Celebrities with fixed T-squares are/were Muhammed Ali, Edward Albee, Tony Bennett, Chuck Berry, Fidel Castro, Dick Cavett, Queen Elizabeth II, Bobby Fischer, Stan Getz, Gus Grissom, George Harrison, Rowena Jackson (ballerina), Norman Jewison (director), Caroline Kennedy, Stanley Kubrick, Marilyn Monroe, Sydney Omarr, Vanessa Redgrave, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Jonas Salk, Grace Slick and Joan Sutherland.

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