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Uranus conjunct Ascendant

Uranus conjunct ascendant 3D model

Any planet conjunct the ascendant is very significant, and depending on how close it is (its orb), this could easily be the most significant aspect in your chart! Born as Uranus rose in the east, you are strongly identified with it and serve as a representative of its vibration on earth. Since Uranus is the planet of individuality, genius, and the ruler of the Aquarian Age, and your ascendant symbolizes your personality and how you project yourself into the world, you're individuality personified, have an unusually strong love of truth, and are independent, original, and eccentric in manner and appearance. Very self-aware, you're direct and blunt to a fault, and are universally liked because of your openness and honesty. And since Uranus rules electricity and vibrations and the ascendant is the way into and out of your body, there is some correlation between this aspect and being hit by lightning, although the aspect has to be very close and other aspects need to support it.

All people are unique and equal members of humanity to you, not to be judged by social, racial or physical standards or limitations. You're a champion of individual rights and causes, and identify with universal and humanitarian movements. You're moved by the spirit rather than by the form of things. The past is only important to you for the lessons it teaches us. And when we let go of the past, the future can happen. Your spontaneity and unpredictability make you a focus in any group.

Famous people with a close (orb< 4) Uranus-ascendant conjunction are/were Ansel Adams, Alois Alzheimer, Bix Beiderbecke, Leon Blum, Julian Bond, Claudia Cardinale, Karen Carpenter, Adele Davis, Philip K. Dick, "Mama" Elliot Cass, Arthur Fiedler, Che Guevera, Monica Lewinsky, Sophie Marceau, Ali McGraw, Montaigne, David Morse, Conan O'Brien, Thierry Rey (judo champion), Sally Ride (American astronaut), Cathy Rigby (champion gymnast), Heinrich Steinway, Carl Payne Tobey (astrologer), Gwen Verson and Tennessee Williams.

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