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Uranus in Eighth House

Uranus in 8th house model

The eighth house asks us to enlarge or sacrifice our ego boundaries in order to enter into relationship or union with another or others. To do so, some aspect of our personality or ego must die. Usually it is some thing, not some one, that dies, and with the passing away of that limiting aspect of our personality we experience a releasing freedom.

Herein is the second aspect of this house: resurrection and rebirth. The eighth house rules personal evolution, growth, transformation and change, death, rebirth, sex, possessions of a relationship, legacies, inheritance, taxes, rituals, initiations and the occult, the astral body and reincarnation, and the severing of ties to that to which we are attached. A planet in the eighth indicates that a personal facet of your psyche is under pressure to work more cooperatively or jointly with others. Many planets here signify a person whose life can be characterized by change. Such individuals may find continuous states of affairs monotonous, and periodically bring about changes or crises to feel truly alive.

The eighth house is that one-twelfth sector of the local sky midway between the Midheaven and the western horizon (see above picture) occupied by planets in the two to four hours before they set.

With Uranus in the eighth house, you have very strong psychic feelings and hunches, which if not understood and disciplined could lead to erratic or compulsive behavior. Your sexual proclivities may be unusual and quirky, especially if Uranus is aspected by your Moon, Venus or Mars. You could have difficulties with inheritances or other people's money, but a well-aspected Uranus here indicates unexpected financial gains. Business partnerships can be a source of trouble, so give them a lot of forethought before entering one. Your death is apt to be unexpected and sudden when it comes, and may be accidental or violent if Uranus is in hard aspect to (particularly conjunct) Mars. Be especially careful around cars, machinery and electricity if Mars, Saturn or Pluto are in hard aspect to your natal Uranus, particularly when this occurs by transit. A bad temper can also contribute to accidents with these aspects. If so, don't drive when you're upset or angry.

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