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Venus in 5th House

Venus in 5th house astrology model


We need to know what the fifth house means before we can understand the symbolism of any planet in that house. The fifth house shows our needs in love and where we release fourth house energies and emotions. The more emotional we are, the greater the need for constructive channels of expression. All forms of self-expression, anything we create or do purely for its own sake, children of the mind and the body, love affairs (insofar as they represent fun and self-expression) or their lack, theater, dramatics, hobbies, speculation, play and amusement, are all indicated by this house. The more planets we have in the fifth, the more abundant the energy we have to release, with perhaps some disinterest in receiving the same from others. This is also the house of hidden karma resulting from the misuse of the will or love principle in past lives.

The fifth house is that one-twelfth sector of the local sky midway between the western horizon and the nadir (see picture at the top of this page) occupied by planets two to four hours after they set.

Venus is well placed in the fifth house, where through the dramatic arts (or just plain drama) she can attract all the love and attention she deserves. You are attractive to the opposite sex, and tend to be romantic and sensual. You have creative ability in art and/or music. You love love, all forms of creative self-expression and the dramatic; emotional scenes are life itself to you. You love action, sports, and putting your heart and feelings on the line. You many be lucky at gambling and sport's betting. Your children will be a blessing to you, as are you to young people in general.

Celebrities with Venus in their fifth house are/were Patch Adams, Louis Armstrong, Pat Boon, Bjorn Borg, Jeff Bridges, Glen Campbell, Joseph Campbell, Wilt Chamberlain, Walt Disney, Larry Flynt, Buckminster Fuller, Ava Gardner, Bill Gates, Elliot Gould, George Harrison, William Holden, Mick Jagger, Quincy Jones, Bill Maher, Malcolm X, John McEnroe, Donny Osmond, Dolly Parton, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Carl Sandburg, John Paukl Sartre, Martin Sheen, Sissy Spacek, Steven Spielberg, Bruce Springsteen, William Styron, Mike Todd, Betty White, Shelley Winters and William Wordsworth.

This Venus in the Fifth House page and much of this 600-page resource website are excerpted from You and the Universe.


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