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Venus opposed Mars




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You are in conflict as to when to be aggressive/assertive and when to be receptive/cooperative; in conflict between the masculine and feminine principles in relationship and sexuality; and in conflict between sex and love. You may find yourself seeking passion when just friendship was being offered, or in a Platonic relationship when passion is called for. You blow hot and cold in relationships, or swing between affection and anger, unable to sustain the original feeling. You're prone to feelings of jealousy, resentment, and oppression, and in some cases cruel or ruthless behavior (such as with a dominant Mars or in hard aspect to Saturn or Pluto). And you may have emotionally painful experiences through the unfaithfulness or disloyalty of others.

Think carefully about why and with whom you are getting involved, and don't be hasty when committing yourself to a significant relationship. If this opposition is otherwise afflicted or related to the sixth house there can be problems with the generative system. Transits of Mars will stimulate the aggressive, self-seeking side of this opposition, whereas transits of Venus will stimulate its loving, other-oriented aspect. Through frustration and dissatisfaction you're learning in this incarnation how to be cooperative with other people's desires.

It is important to consider the quadruplicity (cardinal, fixed or mutable signs) that this opposition is in. Mutable oppositions (between Gemini and Sagittarius, or Virgo and Pisces) need an adjustment in thinking or attitude and are telling you that you need to change your mind about something. Cardinal oppositions (between Aries and Libra, or Cancer and Capricorn) can be handled by appropriate action, or by changing or ceasing the way you go after or start things. Fixed oppositions (between Taurus and Scorpio, or Leo and Aquarius) are the hardest to deal with because they symbolize your will, which is far harder to surrender or to change than thought or action.

Squares or oppositions in mutable signs are just beginning to manifest in this lifetime and are therefore the easiest to handle. Squares or oppositions in cardinal signs, on the other hand, are carried over from our last lifetime. If handled appropriately through constructive action they won't manifest in the next life in fixed signs. And squares or oppositions in fixed signs symbolize lessons we have failed to learn over many lifetimes, and are deeply ingrained patterns of behavior. And because they symbolize our will and have become habituated ways of being or responding, they need a great deal of attention and self-discipline to change.

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