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Venus trine Pluto




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You are leaving behind negative ways of relating and outmoded values, and intensifying and making even more intimate your close relationships. You love to be touched at the most personal and vulnerable levels. Passionate and sensual, your sexual energy is very intense, and your touch alone can be indicative of how you are feeling about yourself, your partner or a possible intimate. You have the potential for great healing or for great destructiveness in relationships.

Over many lifetimes you have been driven to completely merge with another individual in order to transcend your individuality and isolated perspective. The intensity of this drive, however, may have kept you from learning how to fully supply your own needs, or from relating to yourself independently of a relationship. As a consequence you may feel that you cannot be complete or fulfilled except through someone (or something you imagine to be) outside of yourself. You are therefore hypnotically drawn to individuals with whom you still wish to completely merge, but whom you also feel are the only answer to some unfulfilled need. There is a compulsiveness and intensity attached to this attraction, since you may not have filled certain needs for yourself except through others. You may also be the object of such desire from someone else, and frequently both you and your partner have this karma.

You need to know why you and others feel the way you do, and hence have developed a psychological orientation and an innate sensitivity to other people's inner states. This is intensely magnetic to those who need to be understood and have their needs fulfilled. Generally such magnetic and intense individuals are those that are dealing with the deeper issues and meanings of life, and attract each other. Skilled at working with psychology and the hidden recesses of the mind, you'd make an excellent psychologist or teacher of this subject. These same skills make it possible for you to work with the public, in politics, or wherever handling sensitive or hot issues is needed.

Celebrities with a strong (orb <2) Venus trine Pluto are/were Red Auerbach, Honore de Balzac, Michael Bolton, Boy George, Roy Campanella, Art Carney, Maurice Chevalier, E. E. Cummings, Andre Gide, Richard Harris, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jordan, Sandy Koufax, Ricky Martin, Russell Means, Arthur Miller, Andreas Papandreou, Dan Rather, Vanessa Redgrave, Auguste Rodin, Bobby Seale, Edith Sitwell, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Donna Summer, Jean-Louis Trintignant and Loretta Young,

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