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Virgo: Sixth of the 12 Astrological Signs



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Mutable Earth Mercury "I analyze"




The Sun in Virgo


         Virgo is Mutable Earth, and its keyword is "I analyze". Symbolized by the Virgin, it rules the digestive system. In this last of the personal signs, the virgin walks the fields of Earth and through life's many experiences, selecting that which is ready to be harvested, and digesting those experiences appropriate to wholesome growth. Hence discrimination, analysis, assimilation and purification are issues for you. This sign's fullest expression is through humble service to others, and its greatest fault is in being too critical, both to self and to others.

         The trick for Virgo is to be discriminating without judgment; or if your are being judgmental, not to be identified with it or to judge yourself for being judgmental; or, if you are judging yourself for being a judge, not to be identified even with that—to see that and to say, "Oh yeah, here comes the judge, but I see that and bless me for being stuck there at this moment; I forgive myself and remember that is not all of whom I am."

         Virgo has a deep-seated inferiority complex, perhaps related to sensing more power in yourself than you know how to express. You are a great friend, often physically attractive, and function best in taking care of the endless details and the steadiness of routine work. Famous people with their Sun in Virgo are Lauren Bacall, Anne Bancroft, Ingrid Bergman, Leonard Bernstein, Sid Caesar, Leonard Cohen, Sean Connery, Peter Falk, Greta Garbo, Richard Gere, Arthur Godfrey, Goethe, Elliott Gould, Michael Jackson, Jesse James, Lyndon Johnson, Walt Kelly, Joseph Kennedy, Ken Kesey, D. H. Lawrence, Sophia Loren, Bill Murray, Bob Newhart, Otis Redding, Peter Sellers, Charlie Sheen, Lily Tomlin, George Wallace, and Raquel Welch.

         This Virgo: Sixth of 12 Astrological Signs page and much of this 550-page resource website are excerpted from the personalized, fine art astrology book You and the Universe.


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