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Astrology Reading 1e: Moon-outer planets

Astrology Reading horoscope 1e  Moon

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Astrology Reading sample 1e: Moon-outer planet aspects


Moon  trine Saturn

Strength = 33/100,  orb = 6.72/8.0

  You are responsible, practical, patient, and have depth, a strong sense of duty and good common sense. You also tend to be introverted, and often prefer being alone. This is a positive aspect for business, as you're a good worker and very aware of the opportunities for growth and development around you. Perhaps a little too serious and frugal, essentials are what count for you, and you enjoy getting along on less. You would do well in fields that deal with the public, such as real estate, contracting or teaching. You know how to get others to work with and for you. As a man you will tend to attract a practical and faithful partner. Generally you have a strong and positive relationship with your mother, and a traditional and perhaps conservative one with your family. Since your habit patterns can easily form hard-to-escape ruts, be conscious and discriminating at the outset of what you are becoming habituated to. This is particularly important Carl with the fixity of emotions and will symbolized by your Moon in Aquarius.


Moon trine Uranus

Strength = 100/100,  orb = 0.37/8.0

  You will have an unusual life with many sudden changes and unexpected experiences. You are original and have a love for the unconven-tional and bizarre lifestyle. You enjoy helping humanity, and may have healing power, which is supported by the sextile from Mars to the Moon and, if you can discipline yourself, even by Mars' opposition to Uranus. You have a well-developed sixth sense, and are probably attracted to the occult. You're creative, inventive, inspire others, and have the makings of genius. Your mother may be quite eccentric and/or your childhood unusual. You have novel ideas about the past and younger people, create unusual environments for yourself, and may find new and different ways to make a living. Look to your optional in-depth synthesis reading on pages 60-69 for further explication on this aspect as part of your very rare, exact grand trine.


Moon trine Neptune

Strength = 100/100,  orb = 0.35/8.0

  You have refined sensibilities, are creative and artistic, and could do well in music, dance, art or film. You also have a powerful imagination, and would do well in writing or the literary field, although you may have to deal with your exact inconjunct from Jupiter first (see pages 60-69). Your psychic sensitivity is very strong, making you susceptible to the emotions of others around you. An atmosphere of discord or friction will affect your health adversely. You love to dramatize, so be aware of distorting or exaggerating events. As a male you need and will attract a sensitive, creative and refined partner. You have the potential of positive contact with spiritual realms or forces. Some form of meditation would be helpful and centering, as you are extremely sensitive to external vibrations and energy.



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