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Astrology Reading 1f: Moon-Pluto & angles

Astrology Reading horoscope 1f Moon

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Astrology Reading sample 1f: Pluto & angles aspect Moon

Moon opposed Pluto

Strength = 69/100, orb = 5.48°/12°

The unconscious part of you that you reject in yourself and/or project onto others—your "shadow"—becomes activated and illuminated (made more conscious) in your relationships to women and to your mother. You may have started out in life by being fairly cut off from your feelings and tending to keep them at arm's length. You nevertheless got into other people's space and personal business, which produced heavy confrontations. Strong evolutionary forces are acting on you, however, to bring about your emotional self-reliance by eliminating external dependencies. Your mother and/or the women you drew to you may have been dominating, controlling individuals who demanded that you conform to a rigid standard of behavior. Then when you refused or failed to meet their expectations, you were either assaulted or else treated with disapproval, silence, or their withholding of feelings.

You may have strong, unresolved needs or problems that you expect others to meet and solve. When this help is not forthcoming, you may act out as you yourself were treated: by rage or withdrawal. Alternately, the women in your life may support your self-sufficiency, and help you understand the convolutions of your emotionality.

In general, your relationships with women are profound, intense, and a source of change and personal growth. You can dominate your environment through the very intensity of the energy you broadcast, whether in action or in silence. You need to periodically withdraw and shut down emotionally, however, to replenish your batteries, and to allow your conscious ego to be "re-seeded" by the source of your being. Become sensitive and responsive to your personal cycle and needs for alternating withdrawal and activity.

Although you are learning to change your instinctive emotional habits and reactions, these patterns are often compulsive. You may know better, but still feel compelled to act in the same manner as before. If you feel powerless to change your patterns even when your intent is to do so, this can repeatedly bring up feelings of anger and self-hatred. It's important, therefore, that you shed light on the hidden workings of your emotional nature.

One way is by learning to fill your emotional needs yourself, giving you the space to breathe and to feel yourself more tenderly and fully. This could be through sex with a partner or by yourself, as sex is a deep and healing release for you. Another is by a sustained commitment to some intense therapy or counseling that will help you to release any emotional monkey on your back and to see yourself more objectively. Once you accomplish this, the wisdom you gain will be a beacon to others, lighting their darkness as it did your own. Where others may once have been repelled by the intensity of your projected inner turmoil, now they will be drawn magnetically to your healing power.

Consider also the quadruplicity (cardinal, fixed or mutable signs) that this opposition is in. Fixed oppositions (such as this one between Leo and Aquarius) are the hardest to deal with because they symbolize your will, which is far harder to surrender or to change than thought (mutable) or action (cardinal). Some astrologers feel that squares or oppositions in fixed signs symbolize lessons that we have failed to learn over many lifetimes that are deeply ingrained patterns of behavior. And because they symbolize our will and have become habituated ways of being or responding, they need a great deal of attention, focus, and self-discipline to change.


Moon sesquiquadrate Ascendant

Strength = 99/100, orb = 0.28°/2.5°

This is a minor aspect the strength of which depends on how close it is to being exact (its "orb"). As you can see from the "Strength" rating in the above header, this is a very strong aspect and contributes significantly to your total character.

You may not have had your needs met or been really nurtured as a child, either because your mother wasn't there for you, or because there was no one there to take care of you when you needed to be taken care of. As an adult this manifests as not knowing how to let yourself really emotionally need your partner, or to be truly receptive or vulnerable. In general you have difficulty finding your true feelings with your intimates, in letting yourself flow to that place were you—along with all the other human beings on this planet—can be taken care of. As a man you may also have been emotionally deprived as a child, which can manifest as a hardened, erratic, or bizarre adult emotional persona, or as someone who can't receive nurturance or who chooses hard, unfeeling partners. You may indeed be out of touch with and/or uneasy with your feelings Carl. This would manifest most intensely in your intimate one-to-one relationships where the need and demand for emotional capacity and fluency is the greatest. You may have difficulty in being dramatic or in playing roles, which can result in overcompensating and being more dramatic, or in just closing the book on the dramatic part of you (although this last in counter indicated by your very imaginative and creative Moon in the fifth house). The social graces may elude you until you have done looked hard and honestly at yourself, perhaps with the guidance of others whom you trust and respect.



Moon sesquiquadrate Midheaven

Strength = 30/100, orb = 1.85°/2.5°

This is a minor aspect the strength of which depends on how close it is to being exact (its "orb"), and as you can see from the strength rating above it's nowhere near as strong as the preceding minor aspect. However it does have something to say about you, so let's take a look at it.

The Moon sesquiquadrate your midheaven indicates that showing feeling or vulnerability is difficult for you at work, and your career is somehow at odds with women, the general public, and/or your nature. Your mother, your past or some habit(s) may also conflict with your success. As a child you may not have gotten the support or nurturance you needed, and therefore feel emotionally cut off from your roots. In this case you would have had to learn to be open and nurturing from sources other than your parents and family. Be careful of neglecting your career, home or family because of your social and personal life.


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