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Astrology Reading 1g: Mercury

Astrology Reading horoscope 1g Mercury

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Astrology Reading sample 1g: Mercury's aspects


Mercury in Sagittarius

  Mercury in Sagittarius indicates that you're philosophical, sincere, and direct to the point of being tactless.  Honest and fair, you cannot tolerate deception in anyone.  Because your mind is naturally focused in the distance or on finding connections between your many observations, your thoughts are often impractical and have little to do with what's right in front of your nose.  You often exaggerate the significance of personal opinions, or turn someone's statement into a matter of principle or an ethical issue.  You're so compelled to synthesize details into whole visions that you often imagine yourself to possess the truth before you've seen all the facts.  These are instances of a general tendency to make mountains out of molehills, or to mistake the large for the small.  You need to learn to focus and direct your mind, and to get all the data before spinning a philosophy.  You love to wander afar in your thoughts, and are a good storyteller or salesman.


Mercury conjunct Venus

Strength = 96/100,  orb = 0.42/11

  Artistic, refined, optimistic, discriminating and usually of good breeding, you have a love affair with the mind and value all of its offspring. With fine artistic sensibilities and an appreciation for the arts, you could easily be a writer, speaker, singer, painter, or some other type of artist yourself. You're a real charmer when it comes to both the spoken and the written word. You love to talk, and appreciate good conversation and stimulating mental adventures. The closer this conjunction, the more emphasized the former becomes. This is not a terribly uncommon aspect, as this pair never gets more than 76 apart.


Mercury quincunx Jupiter

Strength = 99/100,  orb = 0.20/2.0

  You don't stop to acquire or understand all the facts before jumping to a conclusion, thereby impairing your judgment.  You may have a poor memory and a talkative mind, which along with not getting the facts hinders a greater understanding of things.  You're restless, but can have difficulties in scheduling or communication when traveling.  You may have difficulties digesting or assimilating certain foods, and require more discrimination with what you eat.  There may be some problems with your writing or speaking ability.


Mercury square Ascendant

Strength = 14/100,  orb = 7.28/7.5

  You have some difficulty communicating and getting your ideas across to others, and may therefore not be very sociable.  You may avoid crowds and large gatherings, and not seek relationships other than those at home or at work.


Mercury opposed Midheaven

Strength = 51/100,  orb = 9.42/11

  Mercury opposed Midheaven is the same as Mercury conjunct the nadir or the fourth house cusp - and is how this aspect will be interpreted. Depending on its exactness (see "strength" and "orb" just above), this is an important aspect. You were born when Mercury was at the lowest point in the sky on the day of your birth. Thus your mind tends to dwell on domestic issues, home and family, which could work against your career interests unless you develop a business at home.  You may be high strung, get irritated easily, and will probably change residences often. You can be a nag if Mercury is afflicted (check for any hard aspects in the immediately preceding Mercury readings). Learn to relax and not be bothered by trivia.  There may be deep emotional issues from your childhood that you need to resolve with your sibling(s) before you can have a full, adult relationship in the present.

IF Mercury is in your third House AND also within 34 of your fourth house cusp (check the orb in the header), THEN its expression through your fourth house is at least as strong as through your third; if its orb is less than 1.5, it should be read as though it were in the fourth house and not in the third at all!

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