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Astrology Reading 1h: Venus

Astrology Reading horoscope 1h Venus

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Astrology Reading sample 1h: Venus' sign & aspects


Venus in Sagittarius


With Venus in Sagittarius you're an artist of life, and cultivate and enjoy the pleasures it has to offer. You love freedom, sports, travel, philosophy and large ideas, and at least the concept of communal living. You're attracted to many people in many walks of life, but tend to avoid commitment in your intimate relationships. Venus in Sagittarius can produce two different character types. One is extravagant, always on the move, loves to gamble, have fun and a good time. The other is idealistic, philosophical or religious, and has great inner strength. If your Venus is in hard aspect to the Moon, Mars, Uranus, Neptune or especially Jupiter (see aspects to Venus in "Planets in Aspect" section, or check the aspect lines in your colored chart), you tend to the first type. If your Venus is well aspected and you have a strong Saturn, you'll tend to the second. In most cases there will be some mixture of the two.


Venus quincunx Jupiter

Strength = 75/100,  orb = 0.62°/2.0°

  You have a tendency to be extravagant, wasteful, and to squander your bountiful resources.  Be careful of living beyond your means, or you may not have what you need in later years.  Also, be wary of over-eating and drinking; it could cause problems with your liver or gall bladder.  You tend to seek new experiences before you've really taken in the ones you're already engaged in.  If also in hard aspect to the Sun, you can be hypocritical.  You judgment in relationships may be poor.


Venus square Neptune

Strength = 2/100,  orb = 7.37°/7.5°

  This is an important incarnation, for you need to transform a deep desire for personal love and affection into compassion and the capacity to give for the sake of giving. You will experience deception and disillusionment in love and romance, and be asked to sacrifice personal desires for the needs and well being of others. Neptune's house indicates the area in your life where these sacrifices or obligations will occur.

You tend to deceive yourself in your personal relationships, mistaking your ideals for the person who's really there. Unless Jupiter is well aspected, self-delusion and compulsiveness impair your better judgment. This aspect often confers a great loneliness that cannot be relieved by satisfying your individual wants. Rather the desire to be loved has to be replaced by being Love.


Venus opposed Midheaven

Strength = 41/100,  orb = 9.83°/11°

  Venus opposed Midheaven is the same as Venus conjunct the nadir or the fourth house cusp - and is how this aspect will be interpreted. Depending on its exactness (see "strength" and "orb" just above), this is an important aspect. You were born when Venus was at the lowest point in the sky on the day of your birth. Thus your love of home, mother, and your past is very strong - if Venus is not heavily afflicted.  You very much want to own your own home, and probably will.  You're optimistic and have a lot of love in the roots of your being.  You have an artistic nature and love to beautify your home.  The latter part of your life should be in peace and comfort, surrounded by love, as the fourth house rules the end of matters.  Your great attraction to your home and family could conflict with your professional success, however.

IF Venus is in your third House AND also within 3° - 4° of your fourth house cusp (check the orb in the header), THEN its expression through your fourth house is at least as strong as through your third; if its orb is less than 1.5°, it should be read as though it were in the fourth house and not in the third at all!


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