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Astrology Reading 1i: Mars

Astrology Reading horoscope 1i Mars

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Astrology Reading sample 1i: Mars' sign and aspects


Mars in Scorpio

  With Mars in Scorpio, your energy is so powerful that self-discipline and self-mastery are a must. It's important to commit yourself to an ideal, for you have a lot of healing power. You're intense, proud, strong-willed, and your presence is so strongly felt by others that you can be commanding in silence as well as in speech. You're drive for power and your sexuality are very strong and often concealed, and you can easily manipulate others to get what you want.


Mars trine Jupiter

Strength = 61/100,  orb = 2.93°/7.5°

  You're very active, sports loving, optimistic, sincere, responsible, and have a strong sense of justice.  You keep your promises, respect rules and principles, and will benefit through travel.  You're a doer: you naturally know how to put your ideas into concrete form and your principle into action.  You may also be a reformer, with an active interest in religion.  You would make a fine teacher or coach.


Mars opposed Uranus

Strength = 54/100,  orb = 5.07°/11°

  Your internal rhythm is disturbed, causing nervousness, possibly headaches, and fits and starts in your action. This makes it very hard for you to finish what you start. You're more comfortable acting suddenly or impulsively even when it's not necessary, so you tend to set up your life so it becomes necessary. Mastering your bodily energy (through Tai-Chi or yoga, for example), becoming aware of this predilection or—more precisely, this compulsion—or just practicing planning, more restraint and/or self-control would be extremely helpful. Your self-expression is unusual if not downright bizarre, and your sexual expression is unconventional as well. You attract other hot-tempered people to you, and need to learn to stop reacting to them. There will be many sudden endings and misunderstandings with others in your life.

You have a chip on your shoulder, and challenge authority, the status quo, and others in general. You stand apart from the herd, and may be attracted to revolutionary or destructive individuals and movements as well. Tension and discord within you can attract accidents or violence in the outer world with this aspect.

Be conscious of a tendency to set fictitious or unnecessary deadlines for yourself in order to live in your familiar—and perhaps habituated—fitful energy. Rushing to complete them perpetuates background agitation and unrest; your schedule or deadlines are frequently a creation of an habituated intellect and not required by your reality. Procrastination feeds into this habit as well, creating still tighter deadlines to rush to meet.



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