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Astrology Reading 1j: Jupiter & Saturn

Astrology Reading horoscope 1j Jupiter-Saturn

Example Horoscope Chart on Page 3 of all Book Versions



Astrology sample 1j: Jupiter & Saturn signs & aspects:


Jupiter in Cancer

  Jupiter is exalted (best placed) in Cancer, for here it expands your desire to nurture, and indicates a compassionate worldview.  You tend to philosophize and share what you've learned with your intimates, as well as to blend your personal experiences with your philosophical ideas.  Usually sociable and friendly, you work well with the public, but often don't reach your full potential until middle age.  Other things being equal, you will have material success, and should be able to acquire property and money.  If Jupiter is afflicted, however, you may need to relax your purse strings and exercise more givingness.


Jupiter semisquare Saturn

Strength = 71/100,  orb = 0.65°/2.0°

  This is a minor aspect the strength of which depends on how close it is to being exact (its “orb”). Refer to the “Strength” rating above for this aspect’s relative strength and therefore its applicability to you.

This is a warning to become more responsible to and for yourself.  Don’t avoid using the powers and talents (even moral and spiritual ones) that you've been given.  Marc Edmund Jones called the Square version of this aspect a "last chance" lifetime, for if you allow what you have to atrophy, your later years will be those of regret over unused opportunities. Your judgment may be impaired due to too much self-emphasis.  You're restless, have difficulties with self-discipline, and tend to start new projects before you've completed the old ones.  Taking the easy way out can be very painful, if you have to come back to square one again and again.


Saturn in Gemini

  Saturn in Gemini is a strong placement, for it deepens the mind, supports concentration, and removes some of the superficiality otherwise associated with Gemini. The test here is to learn to have faith and a positive attitude. You'd make a good teacher if Mercury is not badly afflicted. If Saturn is afflicted you’ll be apart from relatives mentally and physically, and need to overcome patterns of negative thinking. You avoid superficiality, dislike small talk, but may have difficulty making connections and linking up with others. You need to learn how to investigate, to search out answers and explore possibilities. Basic communication skills are required. Avoid nerve strain, tension, and smoking. Saturn returns to each sign once every 29 or 30 years for about a three-year stay. Saturn was in Gemini from 5/1942 to 6/1944, from 6/1971 to 4/1974, and from 4/2001 to 6/2003.


Saturn conjunct Uranus

Strength = 44/100,  orb = 6.35°/11°

  Souls born with Saturn conjunct Uranus have incarnated to help bridge the gap between the Piscean and the Aquarian ages. (This aspect occurs every 46 years, most recently from May 1941 to April 1943 in Gemini, and from December 1986 to November 1989 on the Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp.) You're rebellious with a strong need to be free, and won't accept any authority but your own. You need to be your own boss, and have a hard time working for anyone else. There's a constant battle going on within you between the world as it is, with all its laws and limitations, and what it would ideally be like without having to go through the work and lengthy self-discipline to make it so. This is an explosive combination in which your energy simmers undercover for long periods, and then suddenly erupts and blows to pieces what you've slowly built up over time. When Saturn by transit activates this conjunction, your conservative and law-abiding side will be stimulated. When transiting Uranus aspects this conjunction, however, the rebel in you will be stimulated, and the tendency to act suddenly and without restraint will come to the fore. I'm available for personal or telephone consultations regarding this and all other transits.

Saturn trine Neptune

Strength = 17/100,  orb = 6.37°/7.5°

  You have the ability to ground and make spiritual ideas a practical matter, bringing them down to earth and into everyday life - practical religion, down-to-earth mysticism. You have great discipline when it comes to working with spirituality and unity, whatever binds or links all of us together. You would be able to teach and show others these realms.

Saturn sextile Pluto

Strength = 76/100,  orb = 1.23°/4.5°

  You are intensely driven to establish your own power and yourself as an authority figure within society.  This has made you intimately aware of your capacities, and by what career you could establish your authority.  You well know the discipline, training, and credentials necessary for your career, and should be able to make the most out of your life.  You have great strength and powers of endurance, and tremendous potential for material growth.


Saturn conjunct Midheaven

Strength = 62/100,  orb = 6.43°/11°

  You were born when Saturn was at the highest point in the sky on the day of your birth, its strongest and most “natural” position in a horoscope. Depending on its exactness (see "strength" and "orb" just above), this could be the most significant aspect in your chart! Power is a great test for you in this incarnation: you need humility in your climb to the top or those you abuse on the way up will bring about a great fall.  You will have a lot of lessons through the way in which you strive for success.

Your father was probably distant or entirely absent, in which case you lack a father image. As with many people having this aspect, you may either become more successful with age, or repeatedly start over again due to the many obstacles in your way. You have great business sense, but frequently have problems with your dominant parent.

IF Saturn is in your ninth house AND also within 4° of your Midheaven (check the orb in the header), THEN its expression through your tenth house is at least as strong as through your ninth; if its orb is less than 2°, it should be read as though it were in the tenth house and not in the ninth at all!


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