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Sample Complete Basic Astrology Reading 1l: Houses 1 and 2


Astrology Reading horoscope 1l House 1-2

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Sample astrology reading 1l:


Virgo on the First House


The development of efficient methods, techniques, and skills is very important to you. Looking for perfection everywhere makes you aware of every imperfection, and you can be very self-critical as well. With your power locked up due to Leo on the twelfth house cusp, you have a greater sense of power than you can express. This can result in feelings of inferiority, and the lesson of Virgo Rising is in humble service to others. Virgo's greatest expression comes through the patient, willing service of others: here you can get beyond yourself and the nitpicking and criticism. The routine jobs with endless details can be very satisfying with this end in mind. The house your Mercury is in shows experiences necessary in developing self-awareness and your expression as an individual. Mercury's sign and aspects will indicate your ease or difficulty in doing this.

Neptune in the First House

You're very receptive to your environment and a psychic sponge. You're also very permeable to negative energy -- and can find yourself compulsively drawn to it -- so be aware of soaking up negative energy from other people. You can go a number of ways with such a strong position of Neptune: drugs, theater, music, dance, religion, mysticism are some. The theme is piercing the veil of the material world and going beyond appearances into universal truth, becoming at-one with the way things are. Your life can be disoriented and confused until you give up trying to satisfy yourself and gain some spiritual orientation. Learning to surrender your ego through such disciplines as meditation, Tai-Chi, yoga, psycho-drama, or emotionally based psychotherapies would be centering and helpful. Learning to not react to life emotionally would also help.  You're being asked to sacrifice the personal and what your separate self wants. You’re also a real charmer, and able to enchant others and bring them under your spell. You're idealistic, have a strong imagination, and are able to see and feel the unity behind peoples and things.

Libra on the Second House

Always trying to balance your bankbook or your personal relationships, you veer from extravagance to stinginess. Reading and other mental pursuits are very significant, so what you hold valuable is based in large part on other people's ideas. Your sense of self-worth is built on these "cultural resources" and on your cooperative relationships. You need things of beauty around you, are naturally refined, and have distaste for the crude, coarse or vulgar. You're also neat, fastidious, and like to keep your hands and clothes clean. The house your Venus is in shows experiences you need in order to establish inner and outer resources (that which is of value to you). Oppositions between Venus and Mars (or between second and eighth house planets) emphasize the value of standing on your own two feet, even though you have to balance your material independence with the sharing of resources with others.


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