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Scorpio on the Third House

  Your thinking patterns, opinions and prejudices are strong, controlled, and fixed: beware the person who tries to change your mind!  A good detective, you can unearth hidden or obscure facts without others knowing what you're doing. Scorpio on the third signifies penetration and depth of mind, and is good for researchers, nurses, doctors and teachers. You pursue ideas to their farthest possible conclusion with great persistence and passion, often trying to control the thoughts of others in the process. There's a strong possibility of discord with siblings, partly due to your silence in defense of yourself. The house your Pluto is in qualifies your relationships with your siblings, and shows experiences you need in order to develop your mind and to communicate more effectively. Pluto's aspects and sign will indicate the ease or difficulty in doing so.


Mars in the Third House

With Mars in your third house you’re driven to pursue knowledge, and are very motivated when it comes to all forms of communication. With your great mental energy you'd make a vital and stimulating teacher. If this energy is not disciplined and controlled, however, it will accentuate your propensity towards being high-strung, nervous, and quarrelsome with siblings and neighbors. Meditation, regular exercise, or therapies are some ways to master this predisposition. You're often impulsive in your thinking, and need to exercise proper caution and judgment before acting. You will have many short journeys, particularly in your adolescence. If Mars is afflicted, you are prone to accidents in those short trips. Often a brother or a sister will be in the armed services, or perhaps connected to law enforcement in some way. If your Mars is heavily afflicted, you may experience the sudden death of a relative through an accident.


Sagittarius on the Fourth House

 Your unconscious self-image is based on your principles and in what you believe. You have a strong sense of fair play, and despite your natural timidity can be quite frank and forceful in speaking up about injustice. You feel comfortable at home anywhere, and will throw your hat on anyone's rack. There's also a tendency to move frequently with this placement, and/or settle far from your place of birth. To the extent that Jupiter is afflicted, you'll be critical of family members who do not live up to your standards; if you have Virgo Rising, there's an element of escapism in the way you can reject or leave home every time you find it imperfect. The house your Jupiter is in shows experiences you need in order to feel emotionally secure and to build a home base for yourself, and by its sign and aspects your difficulties or ease in doing so.

Sun in the Fourth House

Self-protection, self-sustainment and the fear of not having enough are issues with the Sun in the emotional fourth house. Home, family, and security are very important to you, as well as the need to firmly establish roots and build your own home base. Your success in building an independent life, however, depends heavily on having had your needs met (being seen, being nurtured, being loved) as you were growing up. Some form of counseling could be helpful in reuniting you with your inner child and in letting go of attachments to your parents, especially if Pluto (and to a lesser degree, Saturn) is in hard aspect to the Sun, Moon or Mercury (see "Planet Aspects"), and/or the Moon, Pluto or Saturn are in the fourth, eighth, or twelfth houses. There's probably strong identification with the nurturing parent, whether for good or for ill. It's important to make these issues more conscious (literally bring them to light) with your light (the Sun) in the subconscious, midnight fourth house. There's a lot of self collecting and growing to do, so usually the latter part of life is the sweetest, when things have been sorted out and a stronger sense of self has been developed. Sensitive and somewhat reclusive, you tend to be a very feeling and an often vulnerable person. You sense things and have a good feel for business. Celebrities with Sun in the fourth House are (or were) Woody Allen, Jennifer Anniston, Neil Armstrong, Charles Aznavour, James Caan, Anton Chekov, Julia Child, Phil Collins, Bill Cosby, Aleister Crowly, Ted Danson, Neil Diamond, Michael J. Fox, Steve Gaskin, Goebbels, Elliot Gould, Melanie Griffith, Richie Havens, Lena Horne, Carole King, Sybil Leek, Martin Luther, Bill Maher, John Malkovich, Bill Moyers, Huey Newton, Oliver North, Bernadette Peters, Pablo Picasso, Suzanne Pleshette, Marcel Proust, Geraldo Rivera, Julia Roberts, Dennis Rodman, Albert Schweitzer, George C. Scott, Eric Severeid, Sissy Spacek, Jimmy Stewart, Tesla, Tina Turner, and Tiger Woods.


Mercury in the Fourth House

There's a tendency to be high strung and easily exasperated with Mercury in your fourth house. You need to learn to relax. Many changes of residence and concern over personal security: home, family, and such. Perhaps when you were growing up you didn't know how to express yourself except in ways your parents found offensive. Subsequently you learned that unless you resisted your family's influence you'd never have a life of your own. Having been conditioned to think like your parents, you know and value the importance of thinking for yourself. Your thoughts have great substance and feeling. History, the past and nostalgia interest you.  


Venus in the Fourth House

You're artistic, optimistic, and love people and social contact; you'd do nothing to cause discord. There is lovingness deep within you, and, as the fourth house symbolizes the end of matters, the latter part of your life should be filled with comfort, peace and love. You love your home, family, mother, heritage, and history in general. You have a strong desire to own your own home—which will probably be fulfilled—and want it to be a place of beauty and tranquility. You appreciate emotions and like to get a feel for whatever is happening. You'll probably be a collector at some time in your life, and as such are very discriminating.


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