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Sample Complete Basic Astrology Reading 1n: Houses 5 and 6


Astrology Reading 1n Houses 5-6

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Sample astrology reading 1n:



Capricorn on the Fifth House

  With Capricorn on the fifth house you need structured and well-planned activities for the release of your emotions, and you want your love relationships to behave in a socially acceptable manner. As a result, your romantic expression may be sublimated into creative activities and/or hobbies. Disappointments in love can come as a result of not haven given enough of yourself. The same walls you build to keep others out (due to disillusionment or over-sensitivity) will be your own prison, isolating you from life. You're a hard worker, good at detail, and a natural teacher. Also a good parent, you're a stern disciplinarian and not able to switch from parent to friend if Venus or the Moon is not as strong as Saturn. The house your Saturn is in shows experiences necessary in fulfilling your needs in love and creative self-expression, and another area in your life where you express yourself.

Moon in the Fifth House

You are quite romantic and charming, and seek very close and intimate bonds with people. Your love life (and your relationships with women in general) are very emotional and, like the Moon, go through phases. Casual love affairs are not to your liking due to the intimacy you demand and the charge they hold for you. You need to develop your will (less so with Uranus or the Sun in the first, fifth, or tenth houses, Sun in hard aspect to Uranus, or a lot of fixed signs). The Moon in the fifth is a good position for motherhood, but be careful about holding on to your children too long. You are at your most expressive when urged on by a group or in an environment that you feel is supportive. You may enjoy group sports or working with children or animals. Creativity and its expression are very important in your life, and you may make a mark on the world while still a child. Be aware of your tendency towards a constant search for pleasure. You have a love of younger partners.

Celebrities who also have Moon in the fifth house are Ben Afflick, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Milton Berle, Leonard Bernstein, Chuck Berry, Charles Boyer, Kenneth Branaugh, David Brubeck, Maurice Chevalier, Julia Child, Joseph Cotton, Kirk Douglas, Bob Dylan, Geraldine Ferraro, David Frost, Elliott Gould, Andy Griffith, Rutger Hauer, William Randolph Hearst, Ernest Hemingway, Janis Joplin, Gene Kelly, Stephen King, Lisa Kudrow, John Malkovich, Marie Antoinette, Dick Martin, Henri Matisse, Joe McCarthy, Ali McGraw, Huey Newton, Manuel Noriega, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Peter O'Toole, Al Pacino, Pablo Picasso, Ram Dass, Debbie Reynolds, Christina Ricci, Molly Ringwald, Geraldo Rivera, Jerry Rubin, Frank Sinatra, Britney Spears, Steven Spielberg, Bruce Springsteen, Barbara Streisand, Donald Sutherland, Donald Trump, Gore Vidal, Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, and Debra Winger.


Aquarius on the Sixth House

You are attracted to work of an humanitarian nature, in which the goals and needs of large groups of people are important. You need to express your individuality at your job: you're a hard worker, but difficult aspects to Uranus indicate trouble following orders or in being told what to do. Aquarius ruling the electrical impulses of the nerves on the sixth house of health is the reason Virgo Rising is nervous and high strung. Thinking too much about yourself becomes a bad habit that loads the nervous system into high tension. Serving others selflessly is a natural way for you to forget about yourself and relax. The house your Uranus is in shows experiences necessary to satisfy your work and health needs, and by its sign and aspects your difficulties or ease in doing so.


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