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Sample Complete Basic Astrology Reading 1o: Houses 7 and 8


Astrology Reading horoscope 1o Houses 7-8

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Sample astrology reading 1o:



Pisces on the Seventh House

  With Pisces on the seventh house cusp, you need and are drawn to sensitive, compassionate, open, unusual and mysterious people, whom your Virgo analysis simply cannot figure out. But your relationships are not the place for analysis: if you nag and become overcritical, no partnership can withstand your onslaught. Pisces contains everything but the self, and when it is on the house of relationships you must surrender your self-centeredness and take a supporting role. Only by willing to be nothing here can you really be something. You are emotional and moody when it comes to relationships, and can get very negative. Physical activity is a good cure in these instances. Remember that no man is an island, and no one can be totally independent, even though it might seem preferable at times. Your downfall could really come through not relating appropriately to others. The house your Neptune is in shows experiences necessary to satisfy your needs for intimacy and relationship. If inharmoniously aspected, Neptune's aspects and position indicate the people you draw to you who objectify your problems in relating. If well aspected, you have a healthy potential for harmony with others.

Aries on the Eighth House

  With Aries on the cusp of the eighth house you seek to prove and to find yourself through your sexual experiences, deep emotional involvements, and in facing change with courage. Through giving of yourself to others you can give up your self-centeredness and self-preoccupation, becoming more spontaneous and more truly an individual. And by combining your energy with someone else rather than just seeking self-fulfilling goals, your self-consciousness will diminish. The house your Mars is in shows experiences you need in order to grow and change and become more intimate with others, and by its sign and aspects your difficulties or ease in doing so.


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