The Sun glyph in Astronomy: the 9 planets and beyond

The Moon glyph in Astronomy: the 9 planets and beyond





Sample Complete Basic Astrology Reading 1p: Houses 9 and 10


Astrology Reading 1p Houses 9-10

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Sample astrology reading 1p:



Taurus on the Ninth House

You need a practical philosophy of life, and have a fear of losing your grip on solid ground if you get too interested in far-out ideas. Your beliefs are based on hard facts and tangible proof: you're not swayed by someone else's opinions unless they've got facts or proof to back them up. You are however, open to any ideas that might prove useful. You're fixed in what you believe: be careful that your conception of what a thing is doesn't keep you from seeing it for what it really is. The house your Venus is in shows experiences you need in order to develop and shape your philosophy, and by its sign and aspects your difficulties or ease in doing so. There could be trouble with in-laws if Venus is afflicted.

Saturn in the Ninth House

The ninth house is one of Saturn's best house positions, for here it stabilizes and makes practical your religious and philosophical ideas. You need to persevere in pursuing the education and knowledge you personally need for your long haul. Teaching, publishing and science are good careers. Religion, philosophy, and truth are essential to your life; you're painstaking and deliberate in sorting through what is lasting and solid for you. If Saturn opposes or squares a personal planet, it's a good idea to live away from your relatives. Long journeys can be a great source of education for you.


Uranus in the Ninth House

With Uranus in your ninth house your philosophical and religious views are original and unorthodox. You will have unusual journeys, perhaps not confined to physical travel. You could do well in teaching, publishing, or foreign affairs. If your Uranus is unafflicted here, you have an expansive consciousness, and experiences gained in travel and higher education will benefit and enlarge your life philosophy. Your in-laws are probably eccentric, unconventional and willful; and if Uranus is afflicted (in hard aspect to Neptune or Pluto, or in Taurus or Leo), you will have problems with them. You may link yourself with someone from another country.

Gemini on the Tenth House

  You're a person of many interests, with often more than one job at the same time, which you handle competently. Your public image rests on what you know: a career in which you can gather information of practical use in your own life would be perfect. You need personal contact with lots of people to get satisfaction out of your work. When you let go of your self-consciousness, you make a great speaker and an able communicator. Unless there's a lot going on in your life you get fidgety, tired and unhappy. Mercury's house position and aspects shows experiences you need in order to build a career, the ease or difficulty with which you achieve status through it, and your ability (or lack of it) to establish yourself at all in the world. It can also indicate your ideal profession.


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