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Sample Complete Basic Astrology Reading 1q: Houses 11 and 12


Astrology Reading 1q Houses 11-12

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Sample astrology reading 1q:



Cancer on the Eleventh House

  You find emotional security through your friends, but prefer one or two intimates to a larger group because you feel vulnerable and self-conscious in social settings. If you also have Virgo Rising, you have strong feelings about people and are usually right in judging their character. Even though money is important to you, you still throw it away under emotional compulsion. The Moon's house position and aspects show emotional experiences you need in order to have rewarding friendships and to integrate yourself in your community or in any group.

Jupiter in the Eleventh House

With Jupiter in your eleventh house you love your social life and attract many benefits through it and friends. Your friends often help you achieve your goals and objectives. If your Jupiter is afflicted (hard aspects from Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto; or, to a lesser extent, Jupiter in Gemini, Virgo or Capricorn), overindulgence in social life, extravagance, and the wrong choice of friends can dissipate your energy and lead to your undoing. If Jupiter is not afflicted, however, you have good intuition and judgment, a lot of help from your friends, and potential benefits through travel.

Pluto in the Eleventh House

  Your friends are often the agents through which your personal growth and transformation—or the blocks to such growth—occur. They tend to be powerful and intense, and may suddenly leave and not be heard from for a long time if ever again. You may also be drawn to groups or organizations that play this role in your life or in society. In any event, your friendships and the organizations of which you are a member are the arenas in which your growth and transformation occur.

Leo on the Twelfth House

  The power sign Leo locked up in the twelfth house of confinement and self- limitation is the reason Virgo (Rising) can be the power behind others, but is not allowed to rule. With this combination your power lies in knowing the depths of your own nature. And with this self-knowledge, you can really help others to understand themselves. You need to serve and support others, and in doing so to regain and transform yourself. Any grand plans that primarily advance or serve you alone are not likely to materialize. Your real power lies in the hidden depths of your emotions: when you know how to release that power, you can attain anything you want. If you resisted the personal changes and growth demanded by the eighth house, however, you may be too self-centered to really see others and to feel compassion for them, thus depriving yourself of your one means of satisfying your own ego needs. The house your Sun is in shows experiences you need in order to transcend your pride, to learn how to let go, and to go beyond your weaknesses and limitations, and by its sign and aspects your difficulties or ease in doing so.


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