The Sun glyph in Astronomy: the 9 planets and beyond

The Moon glyph in Astronomy: the 9 planets and beyond





Sample Complete Basic Astrology Reading 1r: Nodes of the Moon


Astrology Reading 1r Moons Nodes

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Sample astrology reading 1r:



North Node in Leo

South Node in Aquarius

  In the past you’ve tended to be detached and impersonal in relationships and have submerged yourself in groups. Now it’s time to take dominion of yourself, to be independent, and to take a leadership position. You have natural nobility and pride, a pride that must be based on self-respect. This may be a lifetime where that self-respect has to be cultivated.


North Node in the Twelfth House

South Node in the Sixth House

  You have a subconscious tendency to identify with negative emotions. Remember, “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” Release these attractive hypochondria towards negativity by finding, engaging, and initiating positive activities, rather than by fighting the negative. In this lifetime self-initiated channels of service, and working with those who are limited and afflicted will be uplifting, integrative, and clear karma. Help others to find what you have trouble finding yourself, thereby giving it to yourself.

You could think of the Nodes as an archetypically reversed pitcher and well, with the North Node pouring into the receiving well of the South Node. If you avoid the challenges represented by your North Node, your well at the South Node will not be replenished, and you will have nothing left from which to give. In this case you are not preparing a future with which to replenish your past, a past on which you depend and which recedes from you just by the flow of life. Alternatively, if you concentrate on your individual growth at the North Node to the exclusion of the South, not pouring out into mankind what you have to give from the South Node, you become stagnant, repressed and psychologically blocked.

The Nodes show where you can find a balance between your past and your future, between your North Node growth as an individual and your South Node need to give of this new individuality back to mankind. If you don’t keep growing as a human being, you will eventually have nothing to give, or there will be no true individual there to give it. And if you don’t give what you have to give, it will be taken away, as in the diminishment and death of talents.

Astronomically, the Moon’s Nodes are the two opposite points in the zodiac where the Moon crosses the plane of the Earth’s orbit. The north, or Ascending Node, is the where the Moon moves from below to above the ecliptic plane. At the south, Descending Node, the Moon moves from above to below the ecliptic plane.


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