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Astrology Reading 2d: Emphasis-Synthesis

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Astrology Reading sample 2d: Uranus and Pluto conjunct Mercury

         Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini, and through those signs both your tenth and your first houses. Thus becoming more conscious of repressed feelings, withdrawing to renew your energy, learning to get out of your own way, overcoming limitations, and being of service to others all also serve as necessary experiences for developing self-awareness and your individual self-expression. With Mercury in Virgo you do this with great discrimination, logic, precision, practicality, quickness, a fine attention to detail and good common sense. Don’t forget, however, that the world you live in is governed by emotions, prejudice and self-interest, not by logic. Be careful of getting bogged down on the small stuff or criticism in your relationships. You tend to be honest and a good speaker, but also intolerant of minds that are not as good as your own. Relating to friends and in groups with people whose minds you respect (Venus in the eleventh) will temper this proclivity and help you balance your thought with your emotions.

         Uranus, divine intuition and lightning-like energy and speed, is the so-called higher octave of Mercury, the mind and rational thought. Mercury coupled with its higher octave symbolizes that you are inspired, tuned to the universal mind, and of genius caliber. You have a tremendous will, need to be free at all costs, and are very contrary, so you really have the potential to close your ears to the needs of heart and soul (yours and others). You have a lightning-fast mind, intuitively and immediately arriving at solutions to very complex problems. You do tend to be very opinionated, however, and delight in expressing your eccentricity. You have a natural talent and interest in computers, communications and electronics (all Uranus-ruled). You may need to consider if you are using your inspiration ("in"+"spiritus:" the in-coming spirit) as a channel for the good of mankind, or are imagining that "It's all me doing this." and running wild trying to merely satisfy yourself.

         Famous people with a relatively close Mercury-Uranus conjunction (your orb is very strong at 0.7°; the following celebrities' orbs are all under 4°) are/were Gianni Agnelli (head of Fiat), Dezi Arnaz, Simone de Beauvoir, Harry Belafonte, Elizabeth Bishop, Dirk Bogarde, Humphrey Bogart, Neils Bohr, Simon Bolivar, Victor Borge, Eva Braun, Jacques Brel, Grover Cleveland, Gordon Cooper, Noel Coward, Leonardo DiCaprio, Barry Goldwater, Jessica Hahn, Johannes Kepler, Helmut Kohl, Gordon MacRae, James Madison, Marcel Marceau, Mata Hari, Margaret Mead, Stevie Nicks, Leonard Nimoy, Michael Palin, Keanu Reeves, Auguste Renoir, Eleanor Roosevelt, Omar Sharif, Simone Signoret, Kevin Spacey, John Updike and Tammy Wynette.

         It's quite unusual Betty that in addition to Uranus a second outer planet, Pluto, conjoins Mercury as well. This suggests that it may be hard to keep your thought processes personal or self-oriented since in this incarnation your mind is being subjected to strong transpersonal forces. Mercury conjunct Pluto symbolizes that your mind is deep, intense, probing, and under extreme evolutionary pressure to change and evolve. In the beginning of this mental growth process, you tended to see and take in only those things that supported your already held concepts, in which you had (or still have) a great emotional investment. In other words, your ideas acted as a filter letting in those experiences or parts of reality that mirrored what you already held to be true. Confrontations with others challenging your rigid and fixed ideas serve as your agent of change and evolution. Two opposite responses to this aspect are either seeing the world in black and white due to a narrow or rigid point of view, or being so open to all points of view as to be unable to commit to any specific one yourself.

         You have a need to understand the mysteries of life, and are drawn to explore areas that society holds taboo. Anyone who tries to play with words with you is in for a big surprise. Your mind cuts right through the window dressing and gets down to the quick. Your opinions and even the way you perceive things may go through sudden changes and transformations. You're highly perceptive and aware of your own and other people's weaknesses and points of vulnerability. Because of this, any tendency to sarcasm or mental manipulation on your part could be very destructive. You may have thoughts that disturb you, or find yourself having to hold on to ideas so that they don't disintegrate or disappear. Since your mind is so complex, counseling may be appropriate at some time. You have a talent for psychology yourself, as well as investigative work (scientific or undercover), or politics. You'll discuss and express psychological topics others wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.



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