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Astrology Reading 2f: Emphasis-Synthesis

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Astrology Reading sample 2f: Sun-Moon-Neptune Fixed T-square

         You have a T-square planetary pattern in your chart: three or more planets occupying three of the four vertices of a square. T-squares are often found embedded in larger planetary patterns like the bowl, bucket, grand trine or hourglass shown on pages 30 and 31. Sometimes, however, they manifest by themselves; or, the larger pattern is so far from ideal that any underlying T-square is more interpretively significant. This is true for you. Your T-square consists of the aforementioned Sun-Moon opposition (Full Moon), both ends of which are squared by Neptune. The tension and awareness created by the two planets in opposition is thought by many astrologers to be focused on the affairs of the house containing the unoccupied vertex of the square, in your case the eighth house of sex, death, and, in general, enlarging or sacrificing your ego boundaries in order to enter into relationship or union with another or others. The tension of the T-square is resolved by the planet making the closest trine or sextile to any planet in your T-square: in your case, Betty, Jupiter in the seventh. With Jupiter in your seventh house youíre blessed in relationships, for your partners are good and generous people and often bring material abundance with them. Optimistic, cooperative and helpful, you frequently have multiple marriages (or the same may be true of your mate). So look to your intimate, one-to-one partners for help out of the full Moon and tension of the T-square.

         Your T-square is completed by squares to the Sun and Moon from Neptune in the second house. Neptune square the Sun symbolizes that you have difficulty in seeing clearly where feelings are involved and connecting with your own center. Although youíre attracted to the mystic, visionary and the occult, you lose your way in search of them. Itís important that you be more honest with yourself and with others. Youíre inclined to deception, presenting your more advantageous sides while hiding your truer nature or motivations from others. Neptune in the second house shows that you may be obligated to sacrifice what you own and value, and perhaps therefore have a hard time standing on your own two feet, to pay back karmic debts from past dishonesty or betrayals. In a female chart, this aspect symbolizes attracting a man who is the cause of disillusionment and sacrifice.

         Neptune square the Moon is similar, but relating more to the feeling and womanly nature. There is a strong, self-deceptive aspect to your personality. You need to learn to discriminate between what is real and what is delusion. Disillusionment can come through your own false or over-idealized hopes and fantasies, rather than outright deception on the part of others. You have many moods, and have a hard time knowing what you really feel about others, or what they feel about you. Subconscious inferiority feelings, or the bad habit of acting in a vague, unassertive manner can hold you back from success. Alcohol, drugs and many aspects of mysticism are not advisable, and would only confuse and mislead you more, although this is mitigated by your Leo Sun and first house Mars. Be careful of trusting others before you get to know them, particularly the strange and unusual people you draw into your life. You may experience deception and disillusionment through women and your mother. Donít insist on perfection at the expense of your personal feelings. Youíre a dreamer, but you need to act as well as dream.



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