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Astrology Reading 2g: Emphasis-Synthesis

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Astrology Reading sample 2g: Neptune in 2nd; Fixed T-square

         And with Neptune in your second house youíre very idealistic when it comes to possessions, finance, and how you make your living; and you will be deceived by yourself or others in your financial dealings. Some sacrifice and absolute honesty is called for in how you acquire your assets and with regard to what you possess and depend on. You generally have poor judgment with finances, and itís not a good idea to build up too much debt by buying on credit. Your resources are best invested when used for the benefit or in the service of others.

         The fixed quadruplicity of will has the most difficult challenges to meet and overcome of the cardinal, fixed or mutable signs. My first teacher, Isabelle Hickey, claimed that this represents lessons we have failed to learn over many lifetimes due to our own self-will, and that have therefore become deeply ingrained patterns of behavior. In the fixed signs this often manifests as extreme stubbornness, and the willingness to fight your personal battles to the bitter end. I recommend that you first become conscious of these problematic and willful parts of your identity that you believe you must hold on to and cannot loseóand see that they are self-willed; that is, that you are their origin. Only then can you consider the possibility of surrendering them up to the way things are. This doesnít mean willfully destroying those parts of you. You cannot do this, nor is it even advisable. Rather it means allowing life outside of you to interact and mix with these willful parts of yourself, making them available to growth and change.

         Muhammed Ali, Tony Bennett, Chuck Berry, Fidel Castro, Dick Cavett, Queen Elizabeth II, Bobby Fischer, Stan Getz, Gus Grissom, George Harrison, Rowena Jackson (ballerina), Norman Jewison (director), Caroline Kennedy, Stanley Kubrick, Marilyn Monroe, Sydney Omarr, Vanessa Redgrave, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Jonas Salk, Grace Slick and Joan Sutherland all have (or had) a T-square in fixed signs, as do you. And all of you are experienced as having great, latent intensity.

         Youíre quite romantic and charming, and seek very close and intimate bonds with people. Your love life (and your relationships with women in general) are very emotional and, like the Moon, go through phases. Casual love affairs are not to your liking due to the intimacy you demand and the charge they hold for you. You need to develop your will (mitigated by your fixed T-square and Sun in Leo). The Moon in the fifth is a good position for motherhood, but be careful about holding on to your children too long. You are at your most expressive when urged on by a group or in an environment that you feel is supportive. You may enjoy group sports or working with children or animals. Creativity and its expression are very important in your life, and you may make a mark on the world while still a child. Be aware of your tendency towards a constant search for pleasure. You have a love of younger partners.



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