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Astrology Reading 3d: In-Depth Synthesis/Emphasis

astrology reading sample horoscope 3d

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Astrology Reading sample 3d: Sun and Descendant

         Back to Pluto again: not only was Pluto rising when you were born, but the Sun was setting as well; thus these two planets were opposed across <birthplace>’s horizon at your birth! This is very significant, as the local horizon line sweeps through 360° of the zodiac every 24 hours. So when planets are at both ends of the horizon line at the moment of your birth, it is most highly individualistic and personally symbolic! You were born as the Sun left the sky to descend beneath the Earth where it can no longer be seen. Sunset is a point of balance and transition: of day into night, of light into shadow, between the outer and the inner, and in astrology, between the self and the not-self, the intimate other. The descendant intensely symbolizes what we don’t identify with in ourselves, and therefore project onto or seek in others or through intimate relationships. (Note that “light into shadow” and “projection of self onto others” recapitulate earlier themes under Pluto conjunct the ascendant.) With the Sun here you need partners or intimate one-to-one relationships to find your center, sense of purpose, and to fulfill your goals. You need others through which you—and so that you—can shine! This may be difficult to accept, but there is nothing wrong with this need or dependence. It just is. It is who you are.

         Souls who have incarnated at sunset, as you have, often find or model their own will and sense of purpose on that of their partner. In your intimate one-to-one relationships your partner will be dominant and hold the power. This may occur through your helping them to shine or through your learning to adjust to their needs and their demands and by putting yourself second. You tend to find your sense of self as part of a couple rather than as a separate ego. Any two planets simultaneously rising (Pluto) and setting (Sun) are necessarily opposed to each other, as the east is opposed to the west. So your Sun Pluto opposition symbolizes that the unconscious part of you that you reject in yourself and/or project onto others (your shadow: Pluto) becomes activated, illuminated, and made more conscious in your relationships to men, authority figures, and your father (the Sun). Your relationships are very intense, and put you and your partners through a lot of changes. You feel you have something very special to accomplish, and therefore want to shape and control your own destiny through the use of your will. In order not to operate in a vacuum, however, you need to link your special, individual purpose to some socially relevant need.

         In this incarnation your relationship are your arena for learning the limits of personal power. Depending on your karmic situation, you may have had either a dominating, intimidating father, or one whose very life symbolized that reality is what we make it, and that you can do anything if you commit yourself to what you want to become. You may identify with larger-than-life figures who stand for social power or who have transcended society entirely.

         Your sense of purpose in life, the Sun, is constantly undergoing metamorphoses and pressure to change and evolve (the opposition from Pluto). This is frustrating at times, as you can be aware of your potentials, but the actual changes occur only at specific life stages. You may try to control or manipulate (Pluto) others (oppositions symbolize others), or be drawn to those who do. Be aware of ruthless behavior in this regard, for at times you have a compulsive need to eliminate anything that stands in the way of realizing your individuality and personal power.

         This opposition is mediated by a very close and lovely trine from Neptune, forming what is classically known as an “easy opposition.” (Perhaps “easier” would have been more fair; a Sun-Pluto opposition does not feel easy.) In any event, the trine from Neptune in the third house symbolizes that you are refined, artistic, very sensitive to other people’s inner states, and a natural mystic. You have occult talent (particularly with your strong Mercury) and healing power once you learn to center yourself. You’re also very charming, get along with everyone, and move well on all levels of society. Because you understand what lies behind and is connecting things, you can work with your ideals, imagination and dreams, or the spiritual and visionary like others do with the material.

         You also know how to use your imagination, and that which is vague, illusory or even deceptive to your own ends. You have a great imagination, and this position would otherwise obscure mental clarity and cloud the rational and discriminative functions of your mind, Sandra, were it not for your strong Aquarius Mercury opposed Uranus, which is quite clear albeit somewhat eccentric and erratic. This is a good position for artists, singers, filmmakers, poets and mystics, and particularly visionaries and seers who can communicate what they see. You may have had some losses or disappointments in your early life that still need to be understood or let go of. There may be suffering or pain through brothers or sisters. You have a very receptive and complex mind, and can see many sides of an issue before reaching a decision. One message here is to use your poetic, mystical, visionary mind and healing powers to transcend power struggles and to recognize and to focus on your own light—for “sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”



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