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Astrology Reading 3e: In-Depth Synthesis/Emphasis

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An example of your Horoscope Chart on Page 3 of all Book Versions



Astrology Reading sample 3e: Planetary Patterns

         With Sun conjunct Jupiter in Pisces you have a lot of love, wisdom and compassion to give, Sandra, for you have brought strong and powerful spiritual energy into this world. You’re very ethical, vital, physically protected, and have much wisdom to share with others. You’re also lucky: this aspect mitigates some of the negative aspect of the foregoing Sun-Pluto opposition, attracting blessings from males and your father. You’re optimistic, philosophical, generous to a fault, buoyant, love to travel, and will probably do so, to places far from home.

         Large and extravagant in self-expression, you sometimes lack direction, but your optimism and faith in yourself holds you in good stead even when you wander aimlessly from one enterprise to another. You help and support others in a quiet way, for although you have a lot of strength you’re not an aggressive person. Others are attracted to your large and positive spirit, to just be with you, or to seek help with their problems as well. You are a natural guide and counselor.

         Although this aspect confers protection on your vitality and physical being, health problems can arise through overdoing it and too much extremism. Moderation and occasional rest are necessary parts of life that you can’t do without. As mentioned above, benefits, grace and support (Jupiter) come through the males (the Sun) in your life.

         The 12 signs can be grouped into four affinity groups known as the elements, or three groups each of whose members conflict one another known as the quadruplicities. What is very significant about your chart, Sandra, is that you have no planets in the cardinal quadruplicity: Aries (cardinal fire), Cancer (cardinal water), Libra (cardinal air), or Capricorn (cardinal earth). Cardinality signs begin each season, and symbolize activity, initiation, dynamism, speed, force manifesting in matter, executive ability, crisis, self-assertion, directness (except for Cancer) and creativity. Thus having no planets or the ascendant in cardinal signs suggests a difficulty in getting started, in originating activity, and in self-assertion in general. Recapitulating your Sun-Pluto opposition, this could form part of your shadow that you project out onto male partners who manifest for you the action and/or self-assertion that you deny in yourself, and whom you then envy or struggle with for that self-denied aspect of your own being.

         You would have a classical Seesaw Planetary Pattern, Sandra, were it not for Neptune in the third house that pretty much destroys that pattern. You probably still experience trying to bring balance and harmony into your world: the two opposing views you are trying to balance or harmonize being represented by the two opposed groups of planets in your chart. What is actually being balanced in this pattern can often be found in the sign and house of each group’s midpoint; in your case 23° Leo 16’ in the twelfth opposed to 28° Aquarius 45’ in the sixth house, accentuated by the central Moon-Mercury opposition between the two groups. This opposition of group midpoints speaks of service to others versus focus on self through self-adjustment, and, at root, the healing of your own physical and mental health issues by focusing instead on the same thing in others who are more limited or afflicted than yourself—probably in an institutional setting. Sandra, know yourself for the visionary healer and seer you are; then heal yourself by healing others.

         Sandra, you have another structure in your chart known as a fixed T-square; it is composed of a 3½° (how far it is from perfect) Moon-Saturn opposition, both ends of which are squared by Neptune. The fixed quadruplicity of will has the most difficult challenges to meet and overcome of the cardinal, fixed or mutable signs. My first teacher, Isabelle Hickey, claimed that this represents lessons we have failed to learn over many lifetimes due to our own self-will, and that have therefore become deeply ingrained patterns of behavior. In the fixed signs this often manifests as extreme stubbornness, and the willingness to fight your personal battles to the bitter end. I recommend that you first become conscious of these problematic and willful parts of your identity that you believe you must hold on to and cannot lose—and see that they are self-willed; that is, that you are their origin. Only then can you consider the possibility of surrendering them up to the way things are. This doesn’t mean willfully destroying those parts of you. You cannot do this, nor is it even advisable. Rather it means allowing life outside of you to interact and mix with these willful parts of yourself, making them available to growth and change. Surrender may be a bitter pill to swallow, but relaxing some of your stubbornness is necessary for your integration, growth and health.



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