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Astrology Reading 3f: In-Depth Synthesis/Emphasis

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Astrology Reading sample 3f: Moon and Venus

         Of the three planets involved in the Moon-Saturn-Neptune T-square, only the Moon is a personal planet; thus by astrological principle the Moon is being acted on by the two planets much further from the Sun: Saturn and Neptune. This is a difficult configuration for getting what you want emotionally (Moon), for Saturn delays and inhibits what the world has to offer, and Neptune asks you to sacrifice personal needs and desires for a more universal understanding, as well as generally clouding and obscuring matters. The Moon-Saturn opposition symbolizes that you have difficulty controlling your emotions, often resulting in flare-ups with family or those closest to you that could cost you their much-needed support and intimacy; but being harsh with yourself or with others results in your ending up alone. Be aware that you can spoil your own nest. Too many responsibilities and obligations keep you away from those whose care, concern and support you need.

         You may feel that your mother or your family didn’t provide you with emotional support, nurturance, or feelings of closeness. Or, there may have been an emphasis on duty and correct behavior while you were growing up, and you’ve learned to control and put a clamp on your feelings, either through copying your parent’s behavior, or in reaction to the hurt and loneliness that the absence of their nurturance caused. Because you feel unable to depend on others or on your own instincts, you may have to burn your bridges behind you at some point in order to develop into a complete person. You are being given the opportunity (or being forced) in this life to become a more conscious, thinking being. Your feeling nature, the line of least resistance most people depend upon and from which they instinctually and habitually operate, is not as easily available to you to fall back upon.

         You have a propensity toward chronic illness due to unexpressed emotions short-circuiting in the body (recapitulating a Pluto-conjunct ascendant theme). Often it is the feeling nature (fear of rejection, disappointment, humiliation), not the physical body that is at the root of the sickness. You may also feel cut off from your own femininity, or from accepting yourself as a woman. In this case you will need to discover your femininity separate from your associations with your mother and her role.In general, it is important to realize that your feelings may or may not describe the reality that you are experiencing. They are rather your feelings about your reality or your experiences, what you construe or feel it to be, not necessarily about what it is. Knowing what you feel, however, is a necessary first step in self-healing.

         For both sexes, Saturn opposed the Moon offers the opportunity of emotional freedom and true independence. You can consciously come to terms with your own femaleness, as well as with the mother who stands behind that femaleness. The experience and understanding of this great mystery is your reward.

         Mars opposed Venus symbolizes that you’re in conflict as to when to be aggressive/assertive and when to be receptive/cooperative; in conflict between the masculine and feminine principles in relationship and sexuality; and in conflict between sex and love. You may find yourself seeking passion when just friendship was being offered, or in a Platonic relationship when passion is called for. You blow hot and cold in relationships, or swing between affection and anger, unable to sustain the original feeling. You’re prone to feelings of jealousy, resentment, and oppression, and in some cases cruel or ruthless behavior (such as with a dominant Mars or in hard aspect to Saturn or Pluto). And you may have emotionally painful experiences through the unfaithfulness or disloyalty of others.

         Think carefully about why and with whom you’re getting involved, and don’t be hasty when committing yourself to a significant relationship. This opposition is hardest to overcome in fixed signs, where you must surrender your self-will or control. Since Venus tenants Aquarius that also occupies the sixth house of health, there can be problems with the generative system. Transits of Mars will stimulate the aggressive, self-seeking side of this opposition, whereas transits of Venus will stimulate its loving, other-oriented aspect. Through frustration and dissatisfaction you’re learning in this incarnation how to be cooperative with other people’s desires. This opposition is mediated by a strong and beneficial trine-sextile from the midheaven. Thus help with this issue will come from your career and profession, or from others whom you meet in your career or professionally. It may also be an aspect of what was mentioned earlier: to utilize your profession to take your mind off yourself in serving or healing others—and to make a career out of that.

         In closing, I want to affirm that there’s no solution to a human life. It cannot be summed up in words or solved like a puzzle, nor can astrology or any astrologer surround you. We can’t be fixed. We can only gain wisdom about who we are, and learn to inhabit our psyche with more awareness, acceptance, integrity, and humour. My 90-year-old mother kept telling me, “You think I’m through growing? There’s no end to it.”



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